Chapter XXXVIII – Back Train (Day 2)

Rem woke up after an hour. Marybeth was still sleeping and she’s quite peaceful. He found her calm and powerless. He’s now more determined to win the game with her. He again promised to himself to protect to anyway he can.

Marybeth then woke up.

“Good morning,” said Rem smiling at her.

“How long am I sleeping?” she asked.

“More than an hour now.”

Marybeth tried to get up. She sat beside Rem. He changed his position using her legs as his pillow.

“You okay now?” he asked looking at her. His eyes reflected worrisome.

“Much better two hours ago,” she said nodding.

“I love you,” Rem said looking at her.

“I love you too,” she replied. She then gave him kiss.

“You hungry?”

Marybeth nodded.

“What do you want?”

“What do you want?” Marybeth returned his question.

“I want wagyu burger, five pieces of fried chicken legs, fries, fresh pineapple and a fruit salad,” said Rem while smiling.

“All yours?”


“Alright… Aulen, can you please bring me some wagyu burger, five fried chicken legs, French fries, fresh pineapple juice, fruit salad, grilled pork belly, fried tuna belly, mango crepe, and an ice tea,” said Marybeth smiling at Rem.

“All yours?” he asked.

“Yup…” she replied pinching his nose.

The two then stood and went to the dining table. The two tried their best to be happy. None wanted to show loneliness. They fooled around to destruct themselves. They continued laughing at each other even while they were eating. The next few hours were spent timidly until it’s time to go to bed.

The next day, Rem and Marybeth were awakened and asked to just go out because their breakfast was already served. He saw Vincent and the escorts waiting for them. While eating, Vincent said they will give them some strategies. They went to the living room.

“After ten years of having no winners, Heitzberg decided to have some allies,” said Vincent. “However, we shouldn’t be confident that they won’t stab our backs. As of the current, ‘The Goliaths’ agreed with having allies with us, which I don’t agree.”

“You don’t agree?” Marybeth asked.


“But, Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Jack told us that ‘The Goliaths’ use to stick with their allies,” said Rem.

“Yeah, that’s true. However, I’m just a little puzzled why they agreed on having allies with us in just a snap. Rumors have it that Enma use to ask for something valuable in exchange for having allies with them.”

“I see,” said Rem. “I think it’s either to introduce something or experiment something. Allow me to conclude, we are just an experiment.”

“Good point. So, when you are out there, keep your eyes open and minds focused,” said Vincent. “So let’s talk about their reps.”

Vincent clicked the remote and the picture of Brandon appeared.

“Brandon is already 27. Based on my source, he finished the training four years ago. But, he was ordered to protect the son of Enma, who has Down syndrome. But, the kid died. Shamed, he volunteered for the game.”

“The kid died in his arms?” Marybeth asked.

“No, the kid actually died of sickness. Brandon, however, blamed himself for that. So, he wanted to bring ‘honors’ to the group.”

“Any special skills?” asked Rem.

“I’m about to tackle that… Brandon is quite skilled — he is strong, witty, won’t back off to any fight and barbaric. Based on my credible sources, he used to wrestle young wild animals, including bears, as a hobby. If he was not good, he may not be one of our enemies now.”

Vincent clicked the remote.

“Matilda,” said Rem.

“Yup,” said Vincent. “Just like you guys, she graduated from the training field weeks ago. She is fresh but vicious. She’s also short-tempered. In her training, she once sneaked through the guard house and killed the one who laughed at her physical appearance. Again, according to my sources, she wasn’t that friendly. Not even to Brandon.”

“To what I also heard, she is also very skilled, especially with mace and sword. But, she’s not that intelligent.”

“Any questions?”

Rem raised his two fingers.

“All Goliaths are big, right?” asked Rem.

Vincent just nodded.

“And quite strong,” Rem said. “So, we can conclude, with the highest probability that they are slow. And, since their main weapons are short range, we have the advantage.”

“Your probabilities are correct,” said Vincent. “But that’s only if the place was just a plain view. What if it’s rocky? They can easily lift rocks and throw them to you. Last year, one of the Goliath wildcats easily lifted a huge dining table to her enemy that killed him in an instant.”

Rem didn’t say a word.

“So, be careful at all times,” said Vincent. “Alright, let’s move on.”

Vincent clicked the remote.

“Anthony AlPher, 25, is the youngest son of former winners of the games, you know, from ‘Pachrees’. He is a multi-awarded martial arts player and only volunteered for the game… Because he got bored fighting with rules.”

“Wait…” said Rem. “His parents allowed him?”

“Yeah, thinking that he will definitely win the game.”

“We should watch this guy out,” Vincent continued. “He wears skimpy dresses and makeup, even during his battles. But, he won a championship in karate at the age of 16 and held it for nine years until he found defending his crown boring.”

“He is also a gold medalist in Judo and Muay Thai. He is also very good in wrestling, arnis, nunchucks, and a lot more.”

Vincent proceeds to the next picture.

“Anthony’s partner, Rothche Del Rio, is a graduate of The Pachrees’ fighting academy three years ago and on top of her class. She disappeared after and according to rumors, she guarded one of the Pachrees leaders as he went through the brutal drug dealership in Mexico. Now, she’s back and accepted the challenge of going to the game.”

“There is a small idea on how great she is, but because Pachrees won the most number of games with fighters specialized in bare hand fighting style, she’s definitely a great one.”

Vincent continued with the fighters coming from the different teams. Rem remembered all of them during the presentation of this year’s players, but his attention was caught by the female fighters from “Cripplers.”

Rem thought Ivy and Shane were both beautiful women with slender bodies like those of Victoria’s Secret models. He knew they were also great fighters, but he still can’t believe that those frames can withstand the battle.

After the presentation and some tips, Vincent dismissed Rem and Marybeth. The two decided to eat. The rest of day was lousy.