Chapter XXXVI – Meeting the Enemies

The three walked towards the backstage. There, they met Heitzberg, who was just standing still and staring blankly to their direction.

“See that big guy in a golden suit?” Vincent asked almost whispering. “He is Enma, the leader of ‘Goliaths’. They are mace experts and wildcats coming from that team won’t hesitate to hit you on the head. They are quite brutal”

“That beautiful lady on the left wearing a black gown is Aicam Ng, the leader of ‘Cherkin.’ She believes in girl power so she used to send beautiful hot females in the game. They are also strong.”

“That thin small guy on glasses with spiky hair, he is Haile. Don’t be deceived by his small frame. He became the leader of ‘Scrisms’ after challenging the previous one with a fight ’til the end.”

They then reached Heitzberg.

“Ready?” Heitzberg asked.

“The two of you, along with Mr. Heitzberg will go up on the stage when ‘The Arkimans’ are called,” said Vincent. “You will just make some eye contacts with the audiences.”

One by one, each group was called off the stage. Vincent noted that the teams were called according to the ranking last year. The Arkimans were called fifth.

The three entered the stage with Heitzberg in front. Rem can hear clap everywhere, but the loud shouts were coming from their table. Based on what he heard a while ago, he thought that they were one of the underdogs.

His theories were correct; when the last year’s champion, “The Pacharees”, was called people went wild. Rem looked at the two contenders from the defending champions.

One was a tall slender woman and from her looks, she’s the fighter type. She had long curly hair and a noticeable scar on her shoulder. She was wearing a dark blue body-hugging gown. Her dark makeup made her more defiant. Her Partner was a tall slender man and from the way he carried himself, he was definitely a member of the homosexual society. His hair was Mohawk with the side were completely shaved while the hair on top was colored pink. He was wearing a silver tight-fit overhaul and a thick cape.

Rem suddenly found out that the gay contender from “The Pachrees” was looking at him. The man winked at him and pouted his lips it seemed like he wanted to give him a kiss. Rem just looked away and into the audience.


After some chit chats, Ocampo declared that the game was already on. Confetti suddenly fell that prompted the audiences to roar.

Right after they went down, Rem, Marybeth, and Heitzberg were met by Vincent who informed them that they will dance along with other leaders of The Grothlins and this year’s contenders.

“Rem, Marybeth, this dance will make you closer to your enemies,” said Vincent. “Befriend those powerful for a chance of getting an ally.”

Rem thought having an ally was just a suicide. They were all trained fighters and he knew that the first and every move will be to hunt everyone down. He also had no thoughts in his mind but sticking only with Marybeth.

Lolita appeared from the crowd, took Rem’s hands and put them on her waist. She also put hers on his shoulders and smiled.

“I just wanted to have a dance to my beautiful fighter,” said Lolita while looking at Rem.

Rem never felt the sincerity of the compliment. He just gave her a smile and looked at the side and allowed her to dictate the phase of the dance. After a few minutes, a couple bumped into them. They were Enma and his partner, the lady representative of his team.

“Oh, Rem, I bet Vincent already gave you a glimpse of who this strong guy is,” said Lolita.

“Yes, he’s Mr. Enma, leader of ‘The Goliaths,'” said Rem giving Enma a nod.

Enma was a voluptuous dark skinned man. He had huge earrings, colorful dress like those of native Indian people, but complimented by a headdress like those of Chinese emperors.

“You mean the powerful Goliaths,” said Lolita. Enma smile boastfully. Rem got what she wanted to mean.

“Yeah, from what I heard ‘The Goliaths’ are people worth of our respect,” said Rem.

“Anyway Lolita, Rem, so much for that,” said Enma. “This is Matilda, our female wildcat and just what like you told us about Rem, she’s definitely one of the best we had so far. She’s fearless, absorbent, and had this hunger for winning.”

Matilda was a tall girl coming from the African-American descent. She was dark dark and had kinky hair. Her physique was like those of female weightlifters who can easily take home gold medals. Rem got intimidated by her presence.

“Rem, would you mind giving Matilda a dance?” Lolita asked.

Lolita didn’t wait for Rem’s approval. She just released him and gently directed his hand towards Matilda. Enma, on the other hand, did the same.

“You are such a gorgeous woman,” said Rem to Matilda while she pulled him away from the two leaders. “And, I think also a strong one.”

“Let’s get to the point,” said Matilda with a strong voice. “I don’t trust you and I’m sure you don’t trust me as well. But, this fight is about winning and by staying with people they said are strong is becoming closer to it. I don’t want to, but this is what Enma advised. So I will follow,” she added sarcastically.

“So when we got there, you and your partner should look for me and Brandon,” Matilda said talking about her partner. “Understand?”

“Noted!” Rem said and this time, he added some angst from his tone.

“Great! Now, would you mind, going back to your table?” said Matilda. “I’m hungry as hell…”

Matilda didn’t wait for Rem to reply. She just released him and walked away. He just shrugged off and went back to his table. There, he saw Jacklyn and Jonathan.

“Whew, I hate dance floors,” said Rem. He didn’t look at Jacklyn and Jonathan. He just arranged his chair and sat.

“Yeah, I understand,” said Jacklyn. “Because you love boxing rings.”

“And forests,” Jonathan interrupted.

“I really can’t ride on this ally thing,” Rem said. “Do we really need that?”

“Actually, yes,” said Jacklyn. “This is actually what has been debated. Lowell also doesn’t want it but it’s been a long time since ‘The Arkimans’ had a won. So, this year, he decided to have some allies.”

“I see,” said Rem. “But, how can we even know that they won’t back stab us.”

“You can’t,” said Jonathan. “You should be alert. However, based on the previous years, ‘The Goliaths’ use to stick with their allies ’til the end. So, experience wise, you can rely on them.”

“Heitzberg is still in talks with The Pachrees,” said Jacklyn. “They are the team with most numbers of wins.”

Rem didn’t say a word. After a few minutes, Marybeth arrived.

“Hey,” said Rem. “You danced with someone?”

“Yup, I danced with Bien Notiz, the leader of The Pachrees,” said Marybeth.

“How’s he?”

“Well, according to Vincent, he’s already old but doesn’t look like of his age. He also has this athletic body and fierce looks.”

“What does he say?”

“I’m beautiful and I deserve to be guarded. And, he’s thinking of having allies with The Arkimans,” said Marybeth.

“Really? He said that?” teased Rem. “Maybe he just found out that you have a strong partner and maybe threatened. So, he wanted to have an ally with us.”

“Jerk,” said Marybeth mildly slapping Rem.

Marybeth then asked Rem to get some food. He agreed.

After reaching the table, Rem opted to separate from Marybeth because he wanted to explore the foods. The lady just allowed him. A few minutes of picking food he bumped into one guy.

“Oh, sorry,” said the man.

Rem looked and it was the male wildcat of “The Pachrees”.

“Rem Burrows, right?” said the homosexual man.

“Yeah,” Rem replied.

“Anthony. You can call me Anne if you want,” he said while asking for a handshake.

Rem just smiled and reached his hand. However, he was not looking at him.

“I won’t bite. I know we’re enemies, but allies as well,” said Anthony. “So, expect me to be friends with you and Marybeth until four of us remain,” he added with a wink.

“Sure, we’ll be allies,” said Rem casually.

“Would you mind hanging out in my condo? I have a huge one. Or maybe your condom… I, mean your condo.”

Rem just smiled and said: “No thanks, we will all be busy for the next couple of weeks.”

“Alright, I understand.”

“So, I have to go now. I’m extremely hungry.”

“Yeah, go ahead, I’m not hungry. I’ll just stay here.”

Anthony gave Rem a kiss on his cheek. He doesn’t want to offend him, so he just allowed him. Anthony also whispered to him.

“I’m hungry a while ago, but seeing your bulging biceps made me full.”

Rem’s eyes widened. He didn’t know what to say and do. So, he just left him without looking.

“Think about my offer,” Anthony said while Rem walked away. “You will surely enjoy my company!”