Chapter XXXIV – Calming the Anxious

“Mr. Burrows, Vincent, and another visitor are waiting in front of your door,” said Carklein disturbing Rem’s sleep. “Should I let them in or you are coming out?”

Rem checked the time. He had been sleeping for four hours already.

“Please just let them in,” said Rem.

Vincent walked towards the room and he’s with a woman wearing a suit and tie.

“Burrows, I know you miss her a lot,” said Vincent.

Rem’s eye widened seeing his forest survival teacher, Jacklyn. He smiled, stood, and gave her a hug.

“Oh! Nice to see you, Miss Jack,” said Rem grabbing her shoulders. “How are you?”

“I’m doing great,” said Jacklyn giving Rem taps on his back. “Can we be seated?”

“Be my guest, be my guest,” Rem said.

Jacklyn nodded at Vincent, which prompted him to leave the room. Seconds later he was bringing an apparatus.

“Rem, you trust me right?” said Jacklyn holding Rem’s hand while seated on his bed.

“Yes,” said Rem.

“Now, I want you to remove your shirt and lay down. I am also asking you to follow what I say. I’ll make your body and mind relaxed.”

Rem nodded. He removed his shirt and lay on the bed.

“Please close your eyes,” said Jacklyn.

After Rem closed his eyes, Jacklyn attached medical suction cups on different parts of his body including his chest and abdomen. The cups were connected to the apparatus. She then connected it to a laptop where she carefully read his vital signs.

“Rem, all your signs are normal. I will now proceed in making you relaxed. Again, I want you to give me your full trust and follow everything I say.

“Now, clear all your thoughts. What do you see?”

“Nothing, only a dark blank space,” Rem replied.

“Great. Now, I want you to look below that blank space and imagine a black box, so black you can see it in that blank space… Done?”

Rem nodded.

“Open that box and you will a white circle… Done?”

Rem nodded.

“Touch that and you will feel something cold… Done?”

Rem sighed deeply and nodded.

“Smell your hand and you will feel fresh grass… Done?”

Rem nodded. He was more relaxed.

Everything that Jacklyn say to him will automatically be followed. Later, Rem was on top of the mountains seeing the great view from above. He also can see different types of birds that were not afraid of him and he was actually enjoying it. When he started to walk, his feet brought him to the forest where the wild animals were tamed like domesticated dogs. Colorful butterflies, sounds of crickets and other gifts from Mother Nature made him quite relaxed.

However, a beeping sound was heard that woke him up.

“Good morning sleepy head,” said Jacklyn.

“What happened? How long am I sleeping?” said Rem, while panting.

Jacklyn stood and laid the laptop on the table. She then removed the suction cups on Rem’s head. She helped him to sit by pushing the back of his neck. She then sat beside him.

“Relaxed now?” asked Jacklyn massaging Rem’s shoulders. “You’ve been sleeping for an hour now and based on your vitals you are relaxed.”

“Yeah, very relaxed,” Rem replied closing his eyes.

“Great. Now, I am asking you to stop thinking negatives. You are burning out; you are getting stressed. Everything is mind over matter. You won’t win if you will focus on the downside, alright?”

Rem nodded.

“I’ll now leave you here,” said Jacklyn while standing up. “That kettle has mulberry tea that has powerful herbs to keep you more relaxed. You needed it.”

“And, a herb bubble bath is waiting for you in your bathroom. Enjoy it,” said Jacklyn who was already a few feet from Rem and ready to go outside. “Your medicines will be delivered to you every four hours for three days. Take them.”

Rem checked the kettle and smelled the tea — it was enticing. He poured it in his cup and sipped. It was delicious, calming and soothing. Minutes after, he just realized that he just finished the whole kettle.

He then checked his bathroom and right after opening the door, he was disgusted by the smell. However, having trust on his female mentor, Rem moved near the tub. A note saying that he should fill the tub with warm water. So, he did. As soon as the bathroom was filled with vapor, Rem felt more relaxed with the aromatic smell. Then, he can’t wait to bubble bath.

Rem stayed in the tub for an hour thinking of the things that might happen. However, this time, he was thinking of strategies and future plans in the game. He’s already positive, believing that his team will win.

Wearing only a towel, Rem faced the mirror and told himself that he will try his best to fulfill his vow, win along with Marybeth, be reunited with his family and stay rich so he can give them the life they deserve.

After getting dressed, Rem immediately went outside and was surprised that no one was around.

“Carklein, where are the people?” Rem asked.

“Mr. Burrows, they are outside for a meeting,” said the machine. “You are advised by Ms. Jacklyn to just stay here and stay away from any activities.”


“Anything else, Mr. Burrows?”

“Nothing more.”

Rem just went to the gym and practiced some shooting. He hit each and every target he wanted. However, the time was too slow for him. So, he just worked out despite he just took a bath and he made it hardcore. After, he got hungry.

“Carklein, can I have a double-patty burger, add lots of cheese, lettuce, cucumber, and hot sauce.”

“Noted… Anything else, Mr. Burrows?”

“A pitcher of coconut water, bananas, and a slice of cheesecake and a cup of frozen yogurt”

“All noted. More?”

“No more Carklein, thank you!”

“Coming up!”

After a few minutes, Rem’s order arrived. He started by drinking a glass of the fresh coconut juice, munched on his burger like he had not eaten for days. The cup of frozen yogurt, cheesecake and bananas were not exempted from his big appetite… All were also gone after a few minutes.

After eating, Rem cleaned the table and went inside his room. He stayed on the small bed situated at the window and watched the busy street. Again, this time, he was more positive thinking that one day, he’ll be one of those people.

“Carklein, can I have some strings? Much better if they are agave rope or abaca,” said Rem.

“We’ll try to look for that Mr. Burrows, but I think it will take a while,” said the machine.

“It’s ok. Take your time.”

“Anything else, Mr. Burrows?”

“That’ll be all…”

Rem just stayed in the living room. Later, he fell asleep on the couch.


“Mr. Burrows, the bellman is waiting outside the unit,” said Carklein. “He already had your request.”

“I’m coming,” Rem replied.

Rem went straight to pick his ropes. After getting them from the bellman, he noticed that he was waiting for something. He realized that the man was asking for something in exchange for looking for the ropes.

“Wait for a second,” said Rem. He immediately went to the living room to search some money left by Vincent and escorts… he failed. He then went to the kitchen, gym, bathroom, but no avail. So, he went to his room to look for something.

“Sir, what is the size of your feet?” Rem shouted.

“Ahhhh, 10,” said the confused bellman.

Rem appeared from his room.

“What is your name sir?” Rem asked.

“Fernando,” the bellman replied.

Rem handed the Fernando a box and it was a pair of his shoes.

“Keep it, I have no cash here.”

“Are you freaking serious?”

“Do I look joking?”

“No. But, this is too much. These are McMahon, a pair of this is worth $150,000 minimum.”

“So what? I don’t usually go out. In fact, I have lots of shoes in here.”

“Please don’t tell them you gave me one.”

“My lips are sealed.”

The bellman then disappeared.

Rem went back to his room thinking of the smile Fernando gave him. His desire of giving people gifts strengthened. He then sat on his bed and laid all the ropes. After picking the right sizes, he started braiding them. He tried to create his own braiding style to kill time.

Hours of experimenting with his bracelet, the rest of the pack arrived. Rem, immediately jump off his bed and went outside because he already missed Marybeth.

After seeing her, he smiled and met his group.

“How’d you guys doing?” asked Rem while looking at Marybeth.

“We’ll Marybeth was being pampered,” said Vincent.

“And?” he again asked.

“Nothing more…” Dricks said.

“What do you feel right now?” Rem asked Marybeth directly.

“Marybeth missed you too,” Vincent replied laying his two hands on Marybeth’s shoulders.

“You, what did you do all day?” asked Marybeth as the group walked to the living room.

“Well, after waking up, I worked out, ate, stayed in my room doing nothing. Then, I ate again, and did nothing again, until you guys arrived.”

“That must be very boring.”

Vincent left the living room saying he will call the kitchen for food. Jimmy and Dricks followed him.

“Yeah, boring. Because I know you aren’t around,” said Rem with his facing coming near Marybeth’s.

Marybeth pushed Rem and showed she was irritated. But, deep inside her, she shivered down her spine. She stood.

“Mr. Vincent, can I have some pizza,” she said while walking away. But, she looked at Rem and nodded asking him to come forward.

Rem asked for a tuna sandwich and a pitcher pineapple juice.


Since Rem was advised to stay indoors for a couple of days, he missed the activities that should be spent outside. However, he used to spend those days training, working out and at night, making bracelets.