Chapter XXXII – The Vow

“Hey, wait a minute,” Rem said as if he’s trying to clarify something. “What is that game? It was mentioned that we are the representative for this year’s game.”

“We’ll explain it to you later,” said Vincent. “As of now, you and Marybeth must take a rest. I know the party is quite stressful.”

Rem indeed was tired. So, he just kept quiet.

When the group reached the 42nd floor, Rem informed his group that he will go directly to his room to sleep. Inside, he removed his clothes and went to the shower room. There, he can’t help but think about the “game”. He thought that he and Marybeth will fight other teams in a certain ring and must survive. From those thoughts, he immediately became sad. He continued thinking about it on his bed.

“Carklein, can I have some sleeping pills? I want those organic,” said Rem.

“Would that be all, Mr. Burrows?” The machine replied.


“Right away sir.”

A few minutes after, Jimmy knocked and gave him the pills. Rem immediately took them.


Rem woke up by his shaking bed.

“Mr. Burrows, I’m so sorry for that,” said Carklein. “But, I’ve been trying to wake you up for a few minutes now. Breakfast is about to be served.”

Rem looked at the clock and it’s almost 7 a.m. He was surprised that he’s been sleeping for 12 hours already. However, he still wanted some more sleep. So, he closed his eyes.

“Mr. Burrows, I’m sorry to disturb you gain, but I think you should start taking a bath now. You and Ms. Anderson will have a full-blasted schedule for today,” said Carklein.

Rem forced himself to the bathroom o take a bath. Outside his room, he saw Marybeth and the rest already seated at the dining table. She was smiling at him that gave him a little boost. He smiled back and confidently walked towards them.

“Goodmorning Burrows,” said Vincent. “We’ve been waiting for you here. Have a seat.”

Rem saw the dining table and again, the served foods in front of them were extravagant. There were only five of them on the table but the foods can serve a dozen. He made a cup of coffee and took some bread.

“Not in the mood?” said an energetic Marybeth. She was eating pancakes with fresh berries.

Rem mildly nodded.

“Mr. Vincent told me that we will be briefed with our vow today,” said Marybeth like a girl promised of a pair of new shoes. “Isn’t that exciting?”

Rem faked a smile.

“Burrows, is everything alright?” asked Vincent.

“I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Rem replied while spreading marmalade on his bread. But, deep inside him, he is nervous about “that game” Heitzberg said yesterday.

Marybeth used to ask some hints from Vincent, talking about their vow. Rem, on the other hand, was just listening to them. He wanted to scream and run away. But, he can’t.

After finishing their breakfast, the five stayed in the living room for a couple of minutes until Vincent received a phone call. Minutes later, the bellman entered and handed Vincent an LCD projector, a laptop and a couple of CDs. Dricks and Jimmy helped in setting the presentation. Marybeth looked thrilled while Rem was a little stressed out. Vincent stood in front of them and cleared his throat.

“My dear young warriors, the time has come. I will now present to you your vow,” said Vincent and it looked like he was proud. He then started a cartooned presentation.

“The Arkimans is part of the group called ‘The Grothlins’,” said Vincent. The screen showed the name of the group.

“We are composed of eight elite teams, who are rich, powerful, strong and influential. Each and every team is a friend to one another, but competitors as well. None wanted to admit that one is stronger than the other. And, in order to settle this conflict, a game was created.

“It is called ‘The Bloody train.’”

“And the Arkiman Gods and Goddesses decided to have you, Rem and Marybeth, to represent our group in this competition.

“‘The Bloody Train’ will test who among the rest is the best. The two of you will be on an island where you must have to survive.”

“I got it. We have to fight until the end. Even if it’s killing someone,” said Marybeth. “Until the two of us is the winner…”

“Yup, you got it,” Vincent replied.

“What?” Rem asked. He was already up on his feet.

“Yup, you heard me right — if surviving means killing someone, do it,” said Vincent.

Marybeth covered her mouth using both hands while looking at Rem.

“No. I am not accepting this vow,” Rem said hysterically. He was being calmed by Jimmy.

“That kind of attitude is the reason why I insisted that we should be the people revealing your vow, Rem,” said Vincent. “Remember that we got you from somewhere and you are the one who decided to be in here, to be on that island and you should accept whatever will be given to you.”

“You trained us to kill people or to die,” Rem said. This time, two of the escorts were trying to calm him. He then realized that they still thought he was still under the hypnotism. He fell silent. But, that very moment, he wanted to shout and vent out all his anger.

“Rem, he’s right,” said Marybeth pulling Rem arm asking him to sit. “We should fulfill whatever given to us. The best thing that we can do is to stay together for a sure win.”

Looking at the floor, Rem twitched his arm in order to remove Marybeth’s grip. Tears flowed from his eyes to his cheeks and she saw it.

“Is that all?” Rem asked.

“That would be all,” said Vincent. “The other details will be discussed after this tension subsided.”

“I have to take a rest,” said Rem without looking at Vincent. Tears continued to flow. He then walked out and immediately entered his room.

“Carklein, sound-proof this room,” said Rem right after the door closed.

“It is already, Mr. Burrows,” the machine replied.

Rem shouted and flipped everything he could. He threw everything he can pick.

“Mr. Burrows, destroying the Arkiman property is illegal. You might be apprehended.”

“I don’t care!!!”

Rem continued with his berserk and when he got nothing to throw, he punched the walls until he fractured his hand. He eventually got tired and remained seated on the side of the floor.

The door opened and it was Marybeth.

“Mr. Burrows, I think you needed a companion,” said Carklein. “That’s why I called Ms. Anderson and I opened the door for her.”

“What are you doing Rem?” asked Marybeth. “You are just hurting yourself.”

Rem didn’t say a word. He didn’t even bother to look at her. He looked like a patient from a mental hospital staring blankly at an object.

“Listen,” said Marybeth redirecting Rem’s chin to look at her.

“You’ve been my source of strength in the past years. Now, let me be yours… I know you are thinking about me. I can feel it. But, you should remember that I am also a strong woman, who is holding onto your words that our love will conquer everything,” said Marybeth.

“Look on the brighter side. We are in the same vow so we will continue to be together. We’ve beaten the stronger and more experienced fighters in the island and we’ve done it together. We’ve supported each other all throughout and we’re going to do the same thing in the game.”

“What if one of us didn’t survive?” asked Rem sobbing, still unable to look at her.

“What if both of us did?” Marybeth replied.

“Look, Rem, you are thinking the negatives. Think about the future, the better future,” she added kissing Rem on his lips.

Rem looked at Marybeth, grabbed her face and kissed her passionately. They locked lips for a minute. He started to pull her body down with the lady allowing him to do so. After they ended down the floor, he continued to kiss her passionately. They both felt the love and wanted to fulfill the desire of being near with each other.

Rem removed his lips from her, kissed her on her cheek, down to her neck, then on her chin and back again to her lips. Marybeth, on the other hand, is just feeling the heat coming from Rem’s lips and wanted some more.

While kissing, Marybeth massaged the back of Rem’s head, gave him a tight hug and flipped him changing their position. She then kissed him on his forehead, down to his nose, gave him a smack of his lips, kissed him on his cheek and down to his neck with a little bite.

Marybeth sat on Rem’s pelvis and removed her blouse. She went back down and kissed him while unbuttoning his shirt. After seeing his lean and slender body, she wanted more of him. So, she kissed his neck again, down in between his chest. He moaned while mildly twitching his body upward.

Then, they are completely undressed and expressed their love and desire for one another.