Chapter XXVII – End of Training

The next four days of Rem and Marybeth were spent timidly. They just fooled around the defense shooting area. There are times that their escorts will box with them. Then, Sunday arrived.

“Rem, wake up,” a man said shaking Rem. He opened his eyes and it was Dricks. “Take a bath now and wear this… Make it quick! Your ride is waiting outside the dome,” he added handing the trainee pieces of clothing.

Rem first inspected the clothes. They were white pants and a white long sleeved polo shirt. He went straight to the bathroom.

Outside, Rem saw Benedict, who was also carrying a pair of white clothes. He walked near him and nodded. They went straight to the comfort room and occupied the first two shower cubicles.

“What’s wrong?” Benedict asked. “Where are we going?”

“I think me and Marybeth just finished the training,” said Rem. “We will go to a party and it’s a feast,” he added with an ironically sad smile.

Outside the bathroom were the escorts. They were asked to wait for the two female trainees.

“Oh, thank goodness, there they are,” said Dricks after more than 30 minutes.

Rem turned his head to the bathroom were… his jaw dropped seeing Marybeth wearing a pink – almost white – tube dress that reveals her sexy slender shoulders. Despite the dress was simple, it runs smoothly through her curvaceous body.

“Don’t look at me, I’m not in the mood,” said Marybeth as she went nearer Rem. She just passed by him. He can’t help but stare at her.

Jimmy mild poked Rem’s cheek to destruct him from looking.

“Ahhhahahaha,” Jimmy crackly laughed while pointing at Rem. “You’re getting warmed up now!”

Rem shook his head and smiled as they walked towards the exit of the dome.

The four, along with a bouncer each, rode a huge helicopter. Rem opted to sit in front of Marybeth so he can easily see her because he can’t help but adore her. He used to stare at her and every time she caught him, he will look at the scene from the opened door.

As the helicopter descended, Rem saw the feast waiting for them; it somehow excited him. Right after it landed, he jumped so he can give Marybeth a hand. The lady allowed him so she can easily get out of the aircraft.

All four trainees were amazed by the extravagant setup of the island. The place looked like an amusement park where you can play games like knife shooting, gun shooting, punching games and a lot more. Fire breathers, fire dancers, poi dancers, and magicians also welcomed them. Waiters and waitresses were walking around carrying their serving plates that were filled with finger foods such as pieces of bread, chips, pastries and a lot more. They also carried different types of wines.

All of them were asked to roam around separately and enjoy. Rem opted to be with Marybeth. She at first tried to ask him to go alone, but he insisted. She eventually gave in.

The two tried different games together with Rem trying to impress Marybeth. He will sometimes flex his muscles if he hit jackpots during the shooting games. In the “punching game” he tried his best and when showed some impressive result, he looked at her and gave her a wink.

Marybeth used to shake her head and will sometimes roll her eyes. Somehow, she found him adorable. As they go along with the party, she enjoyed his company. She was never bored and found him more attractive.

While enjoying the magician show, Rem and Marybeth were destructed by a man’s voice.

“Oh, there they are,” said a man from behind. “The dynamic duo.”

Rem and Marybeth looked. It was Vincent along with mentors Stemper, Jonathan, Jacklyn, and Alvarez. They were also with the three ladies the two+ encountered in the forest training.

“You guys enjoying the party?” Jacklyn asked

“The party is great, Ms. Jack,” replied Rem smiling. “This is overwhelming…”

“Great, I can see that,” Jacklyn said. “Anyway, these are Jamilla, Anya, and Macam,” Jacklyn added referring to the blonde, dark haired and bulky woman respectively.

“You guys are great of fighters,” said Macam pushing Rem and Marybeth. She was smiling. “Welcome to the family, my brother and sister,” she added as she hugged them.

Both Marybeth and Rem were shocked with the sudden friendly persona of the three. They then went around as a group but the ladies isolated Marybeth. He was left with no choice but to bond with the male mentors.

After a few hours of roaming around, Jacklyn noticed something.

“Hey, look,” Jacklyn said pointing to the podium situated on the water. She was referring Arnold and Buster playing tug-o-war, standing on two separate panels in the ocean. The panels were rotating making it harder for the players to balance.

“Go, Arnold!” Jacklyn shouted. “Beat that butt mouth.”

“Yeah, Go Arnold!” Macam shouted.

Buster showed his middle finger on his left side referring to the group. Arnold found that as an opportunity. He unleashed a hard and powerful pull. Buster fell.

“Ohhhhh,” said the women.

“Loser, loser, loser,” many in the group chanted.

Arnold bowed left and right, boasting his win. He pointed his middle and pointing fingers on his eyes and into Rem, meaning he wanted him next. Rem teased the older fighter with a mocking face.

“I want you, Burrows,” a voice of a man was suddenly heard. Rem, as well as some members of the group, looked. It was Khyle.

“Let’s go there,” he added referring to the balloon, boxing ring-like, floating a few meters from the shore.

“I think I’ll pass, Mr. Khyle,” said Rem.

“Oh! Come on, don’t be a chicken,” said Khyle. “Vincent, what’s this?”

“It’s alright, Rem,” said Vincent tapping Rem’s shoulder. “It’s just wrestling.”

“Yeah, I think you can beat this guy,” Jonathan interrupted. “Just go and do some friendly game! Have fun, buddy.”

Rem eventually agreed. He removed his shirt and handed it to Marybeth. Then, he walked with Khyle towards the speed boat that will bring them to the ring. Before he went up, he looked at her and smiled. She just gave him a thumb up.

The ring was about 16 x 25 feet, which was like an ordinary boxing ring. However, the parallel ropes were missing; it’s just like a mat on top of the water.

“Alright, young man,” said Khyle. “We will wrestle here. The first person to fall in the water loses. Tap if you can’t continue.”

“No punching, no kicking or any brutal acts. Only pushing, pulling and pinning each other down.”

Rem bobbed his head. He was just looking at his superior but also observing the things around. He thought he had the advantage as Khyle used to concentrate his energy balancing on the ring. The wind was also blowing from Khyle’s back and thought he can use it so he can finish the not-so-interesting fight immediately.

The referee whistled… Rem stood straight and kept his balance. He stared at the squatting and struggling Khyle. After a minute of staring at each other, the older fighter ran. The young man readied himself and just let him go nearer. Khyle hugged Rem via his stomach. They ended on the floor. They rolled and tried to lock each other for a few minutes and ended up almost on the side. Rem was able to get out of Khyle’s grab and stood. He then made two steps backward looked like he was retreating. Khyle seized the opportunity; he stood and tried to attack him again.

Rem actually wrestled with Khyle in order to change their position so he can use the wind to his advantage. Right after Khyle stood, he jumped several times to shake the whole ring that made the older fighter lost his balance. Khyle panicked as he tried to keep up. Rem then ran with heavy steps that added more shaking on the ring. He pushed Khyle, who went flying out the ring and into the water. He won.

Shout and cheers were heard coming from Rem’s group.

After Khyle appeared from the water, Rem gave him a hand. The older man reached but gave him a hard pull. Not prepared, Rem fell to the water.

“Welcome to the group, my friend,” said Khyle hugging Rem. “You are a monster.”

The party continued.


During the night, they were served with foods that they can’t finish in just a day. Roasted pigs, chicken, turkey, different types of sea foods, processed foods, cakes and other pastries were seen. Rem was a little sated because of the finger foods being carried by waiters and waitresses during the daytime. He only took a few bites.

After eating, Rem saw Marybeth walking away from the table and to the shore. He waited for a minute to avoid suspicions from his company. He then followed her.

“Hey, I miss you,” said Rem hugging Marybeth from behind. “These people are crazy. Do you think they have the idea about the two of us?”

“If you keep on doing that, we’ll end up getting busted,” said Marybeth, removing Rem’s hug.

“Sorry, can’t help it,” Rem said. He sat on the sand and nodded at Marybeth asking her to sit beside him. She obliged.

“I’m nervous,” said Rem while looking to the dark view of the sea.

“Why?” Marybeth asked while looking at him.

“I don’t know. There are things boggling in my mind.”

“Like what?”

“What if we were assigned far from each other? Or one of us were brought to a place where surviving is almost impossible?”

“Me too, I use to think about that. But, what’s more important is our vow.”

“Yeah, you are right,” Rem said only to agree, knowing that she was under hypnotism. But, at the back of his head, he doesn’t want to stay away from her.

A heavyweight suddenly fell on Rem’s back. When he looked, it was Benedict going for a piggyback ride. Anikka, on the other hand, sat beside Marybeth. They were carrying fruit juices and fruits.

While eating, Benedict and Anikka can’t help but frown knowing that Rem and Marybeth were about to leave. The two acted like older brother and sister promising them that they will meet each other outside.

Later, they were called by Vincent for a dance. All the trainees agreed to enjoy the night.

After the party, all four trainees were given a room each to sleep. In his room, Rem can’t help but smile knowing that he will now have the chances to be reunited with his parents and sister. However, his emotions mixed knowing that he might end up separated with the woman he loved.

Several plans came into Rem’s mind. He might end up running away with Marybeth or asking Lowell Heitzberg of vows where they can be together. Tired and thinking too much, he fell asleep.