Chapter XXVI – Irresistible Feelings

Rem and Marybeth finished the day 2 of the chase just four hours after lunch. They were notified that they can do whatever they wanted until sleep time. They went to the dining area and pigged out. There, the two were obviously becoming more comfortable with each other. They used to laugh at their jokes.

The bonding continued until they decided to go to living room. They even had a pillow fight.

Later both became silent. Rem, who was lying on the carpet, felt that his body was instructing him to sleep. He gave in… He thought that Marybeth was also tired because she was also silent. He opened his right eye to look at her. She was lying on the couch on her stomach. She was facing him but her eyes were closed. He can’t help but look at the pretty, helpless face. He sat so he can look at her well. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes.

Marybeth smiled without showing her teeth. Feeling awkward, Rem looked away. She sat beside him.

“What’s the matter, Rem?” she asked.

“The words you said back in the forest before Mr. Khyle appeared,” said Rem. “I want to know if you really mean that.”

Marybeth didn’t say a word. She just put her head on his shoulder.

“Hey,” said Rem mildly shaking his shoulder. “Don’t act you hear nothing. I’m serious.”

Marybeth removed her head.

“What do you want?” Marybeth asked, showing she’s irritated. But, she just doesn’t want to answer.

“You,” Rem replied.

Marybeth stood and tried to walk but Rem was quick and able to force her to be seated on the couch. He then knelt in front of her.

“I’m not a rock, I can feel things,” said Rem. “I’m sensible enough to know. Release it, Marybeth. Don’t act like you don’t mean what you said earlier.”

Marybeth stared at the side.

Rem stood but remained bowed down. He reached for Marybeth’s face using both hands redirecting her face to him. He then kissed her. She didn’t kiss back but didn’t break away. Their lips remained attached to each other for a few seconds and then, he released her.

Marybeth looked away. Rem knelt. He reached her face.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” said Rem.

Rem held Marybeth’s hand and stood, pulling her up. He hugged her.

“I know no assurance outside. None of us had the idea what will happen there,” said Rem whispering. He then held her face with both hands while staring at her eyes.

“I think it’s much better to show each other how important you to me and me to you. So, when we go to our corresponding duties, we are inspired and more motivated to survive. Alright?!”

Marybeth mildly nodded with her tears falling down her eyes. Rem watched a tear fall from her eye down her rosy cheek.

Rem wiped Marybeth’s tears using his thumbs and hugged her again. After about five seconds, he released her and kissed her lips. She allowed him. She also liked it.

Rem held Marybeth’s shoulders and mildly pushed her down to make her seated. He lay on the couch using her legs as his pillow. He smiled at her, closed his eyes to nap. She took that as an opportunity to stare at his face. She admitted to herself, she was in love with him. She kissed his forehead and tried to sleep using a pillow on top of the couch’s armrest.

“Marybeth, wake up,” a mild voice of a girl said. It was Anikka “Our dinner’s served! Please tell Rem we’ll wait for you at the dining room.”

Marybeth woke Rem up. They both stretched and went straight to the dining room.


Marybeth was still silent while eating. Rem, on the other hand, continued to joke around with Benedict. He will also sometimes glance at her and when she caught him, he will smile wide and will look away. In the living room, he sat beside her and will always insist on talking to her. But, it always ended up one-question-one-answer.

Before entering her room to sleep, Marybeth heard a hiss and when she looked, it was Rem in front of his room trying to say something. She read his lip and it’s “I love you.” She smiled and entered her room.