Chapter XXIX – The Arkiman Party

“Mr. Burrows, I’m sorry for waking you up,” said Carklein. “Your escort is knocking on your door. Should I open the door for you?”

“Yes, Carklein. Please,” said Rem.

The door opened. Jimmy entered. That time, Rem was already sitting on his bed.

“Burrows, you have to get dress now,” said Jimmy hanging a completed pair of suit and tie in his cabinet. He also put a pair of brand new leather shoes on the floor. “We will go somewhere. You guys will now meet all Arkimans official.”

Jimmy immediately left the room. Rem looked at his suit and breathed heavily.

“When will this meeting come to an end?” Rem asked himself. However, he was left with no choice. He first went to the bathroom to wash his face and get dressed.

When he was done, Rem immediately left his room and went straight to the living room. There, he saw Jimmy and Dricks also wearing formal attire. He sat on the single couch just beside the long sofa where the two were seated. One woman appeared and applied makeup on him.

After waiting for several minutes, a slender gay man – with a pink spiky hair – appeared.

“Gents, here is Marybeth,” said the man.

And then Marybeth appeared. She was wearing a singled-strapped violet gown exposing her sexy shoulders. The cloth of the gown runs smoothly through her body showing her curves. Her curly hair, necklace, and makeup add impact to her gorgeous looks.

Rem was shocked when he saw Marybeth. His jaw dropped literally seeing his girlfriend on that kind of look. While she walked, he was only staring at her.

“Hi there boys,” said Marybeth but she’s referring only to Jimmy and Dricks. She didn’t bother to take a look at Rem.

“Should we go now?” she added asking Dricks to hold her hand.

Rem got confused and asked Jimmy using facial expression. Jimmy just raised his shoulders. He was also confused.

As they entered the elevator, Marybeth came in first and went to the side. She pulled Dricks to cover her. Rem was just silent with her sudden change of mood. Even in the limousine, she aboard first and pulled Dricks to sandwich her to the side.

Rem checked the cooler and smiled seeing a bottle of Olah-Olah. He picked it and took some wine glasses and offered the three. Only Marybeth declined.

After a few minutes of traveling, the limousine stopped in front of a huge property. You can’t see what’s inside because of the tall wall that was complemented by a tall and thick metal gate. Dricks opened his window and entered his security code to the electronic lock. The gate opened.

Rem thought that it was another waste-of-money, super extravagant property with a very few people living.

It took them about a minute to reach the main house from the gate. When they alighted, Rem looked at the mansion and he thought it was like those owned by the royal-blooded people. From the stairs to the main door was already wide enough for a new house; the poles are those ancient structures where fruiting vines were crawling to the poles. Trained in the wild, he knew they were edible.

They entered the front door. Inside, Rem’s theory was proven — the floor and walls are marble. There lots paintings, figurines, statues that made the place extravagant. Again, no one was around.

Rem and Marybeth followed Dricks and Jimmy. They were walking through a red carpet inside a hallway. After a few minutes, the two bulky men stopped in front of a door. They opened it and revealed an area where rich men and women were socializing.

The party was standing theme where tall tables were scattered around with servers walking all over the place giving foods, wines and much more. over-acting headdresses and colorful coats were are again hurting the eyes of Rem. Most men wore suits and ties but none wanted to lose.

Vincent appeared from the side and welcomed them.

“Here you are, my great fighters,” said Vincent hugging Rem and kissing Marybeth on her cheeks. “Come, we’ll tell Heitzberg you are here now.”

Vincent took Marybeth’s hand and clung it on his right arm. He then wrapped his left arm on Rem’s should before walking on a table located at the center.

Heitzberg was with other rich men on the table and when he saw them approaching he pulled a lady and met them.

“Marybeth, Rem, this is my beloved wife, Lolita,” said Lowell. “Lolita, they are our representatives for this year’s game,” he added referring to the white-haired woman, who was of her 50s. She has the sweetest smile.

“Nice to meet you, Rem and Marybeth,” said Lolita. “I’ve heard lots of things about you and I can say, you guys will end the drought of our organization. My wishes are for you.”

“Vincent, since we are still waiting for the others to arrive, why don’t you guys enjoy the party?” said Lowell. “When things are already in place, we’ll start the announcement.”

“Alright sir, Lolita, we’ll go ahead,” said Vincent and from his looks, he’s feeling a little awkward. He then nodded to Marybeth and Rem. They walked away from the table.

“Rem, Marybeth, enjoy,” said Vincent who pointed the whole area. “You, beautiful lady, cling on him and roam around together. I’ll be informing you if Heitzberg needed you,” he added pointing his fingers to them.

Rem raised his right ankle requesting Marybeth to cling to him. They went to the bar where he picked two wine glasses and asked for a server to pour Olah-Olah wine and handed one to her.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Rem asked after Marybeth took the wine.

“No, I’m not,” said Marybeth.

Rem picked two pieces of skewered shrimp and handed one to Marybeth.

“It’s obvious,” Rem said. “After you appeared from your room, in the elevator, in the limousine, and before Vincent asked you to enjoy the party with me, you don’t you are avoiding me? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” said Marybeth raising her two shoulders. She’s not enthusiastic.

Rem put his glass on the food table, snatched Marybeth’s glass and pulled her to the dance floor. He forced her hand around his shoulder and then he wrapped his arms around her lower back.

“You said a while ago that we’ve known each other for years. So, you know if something’s bothering me,” said Rem. “It’s the same with you. I know there’s something wrong.”

Marybeth stared at him and looked below. Rem held her face and redirected it upward so she can look at him.

“There is something wrong Marybeth,” said Rem.

“This is not the proper place, Rem,” said Marybeth. “We shouldn’t be talking things like that here.”

Rem then held Marybeth’s wrist and walked fast as if he’s looking for something. She wasn’t able to do something but walk along with him. They went to the male washroom. He first entered and within seconds, he reappeared. He pulled Marybeth, closed the door and locked it. He then pinned her to it.

“Now, there are only two of us here,” Rem said holding Marybeth’s face using both hands. “I want to know what’s wrong,” he added mildly shaking it.

Marybeth stared Rem. Her eyes reddened. She wasn’t able to contain her emotions. Tears started to fell from her eyes.

“Oh come on, Marybeth,” said Rem stomping his right foot. “I want to listen. Tell me and make it quick. Someone will be knocking at the door.”

“I’m just getting lonely with our mission, Rem,” said Marybeth, who was already bursting into tears. Her voice was shrill. She can’t talk clearly. “I’m committed to my mission. I know you are too. I can feel that we will have to do them separately. That’s why I’m sad and I felt…”

Rem stopped Marybeth by kissing her lips.

“Me too I’m sad,” said Rem after kissing her. “I won’t promise you anything. But, I will do my best to fulfill my vow… Alive.”

He again kissed Marybeth and this time, she gave in and they did it passionately. However, they were disturbed by a knock on the door.

“Í’m asking you to do the same. For me, ok?”

“Hey, is someone in there,” said the man from outside.

“I’m coming out now,” Rem shouted.

“Do it for me, alright?” Rem said asking confirmation.

Marybeth nodded.

Rem kissed her forehead and hugged her.

“Me too. I’m sad. I’m also afraid,” Rem said while hugging her. “But, I’m holding onto my love for you. Hold onto it also.”

Marybeth again nodded.

“Come on let’s go out,” said Rem holding Marybeth’s hand. “This man can’t hold his poop anymore.”

Marybeth chuckled and agreed to go outside. After opening the door, a man was waiting. He’s angry.

“Thank goodness,” said the man. He was shocked seeing a man and a woman leaving the comfort room. “You should have asked for a room here. This mansion has a bunch of them,” he shouted while the two walked away.

They both chuckled.

“Let us just enjoy the party,” Rem said to Marybeth while leading her hand to his arm.

Marybeth suddenly shifted mood and this time, she’s happier. She’s enjoying the party. She was also into trying different foods with Rem.