Chapter XXI – Goodbye

Days passed until they reached Sunday. All of them were again brought to another island for their pampering. But, it was different. The place was filled with food, wine, and obviously, there was a party. There were also entertainers, fire breathers, poi dancers, and magicians.

The moment the helicopter landed, everyone rushed to the scene.

All were enjoying, except Rem. He didn’t want to show it, but he knew the party was a sign that Dreyford, Tatiana, and Randolph were being treated for their send-offs. However, after a few hours, he realized that instead of getting lonely, he should treasure the moments with the three. So, the rest of the day went fun.


The next day, while walking to the dome after their forest training, Rem and Marybeth were surprised with three huge traveling bag in front the entrance. They looked at each other and ran towards the dormitory.

Rem went straight to the room of Randolph while Marybeth went to Tatiana’s. He didn’t find him there. He checked his cabinet, it’s empty. So he went out. He saw her signaling that she also didn’t find anyone.

The two then ran to the living room and when they didn’t find them, they separated to search the whole dome. Both of them failed. Rem sat on the floor and it was obvious that he was sad. Marybeth saw him and walked towards his position. She rubbed his back to comfort him.

“We didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye,” Rem said.

As Marybeth continued to rub Rem’s back, a loud sound coming from a helicopter was heard. He then stood and ran as fast as he can. He looked back. There was Marybeth also running. She was only a few yards from him. She was also signaling that he should continue.

Rem saw Randolph, Dreyford, and Tatiana from afar along with the rest of the escorts and other officials of the island. He again ran towards them shouting to catch everyone’s attention. After a few minutes, he reached them. Marybeth arrived a few seconds after.

Rem and Marybeth went straight to the three and despite they were still panting and full-of-sweat, they were welcomed with a hug. Tatiana gave Marybeth – who was already crying – a tight hug and several kisses on her cheeks. She also did the same to Rem, who was trying to hold back his tears.

“We were asked to remove any accessories,” Tatiana whispered to Rem. “But, I will wear that bracelet you gave me as soon as I removed this stupid outfit.”

Dreyford gave Marybeth a hug. Before he hugged Rem, he mildly punched his stomach.

“So long buddy,” said Dreyford while mildly slapping his left cheek. “Remember, we will still box.”

Randolph was a bit emotional when he hugged Marybeth. Tears fell from his eyes seeing Rem crying. He then gave him a tight long hug.

“I will keep my promise,” he whispered while tapping Rem’s back. “Keep your promise as well,” he added releasing him.

Rem nodded. He was frowning while looking at his older brother. He was crying. He was stunned.

Vincent then called the three saying the pilot have waited long enough. The three then ran while ducking towards the helicopter. Moments later, the aircraft flew. Rem wiped his tears and walked back to the dome. Marybeth immediately followed and when she was beside him, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She wrapped her arm around his waist. He kissed her head.

While taking a shower, Rem was more determined to finish his training well in order to become stronger, so he will be reunited with his family as well as to Randolph, Dreyford, and Tatiana.