Chapter XVIII – The Wall Climb

Rem again finished the field training ahead of Marybeth and because of it, Vincent was ordered to extend his training.

In one field training day, Rem saw Vincent waiting outside the dome and he was already with Tobie. He said that he should run until they reach the shelter of the dog.

Rem followed. When he reached the shelter, another man was with Vincent. He immediately walked towards Rem, unstrapped Tobie, gave him a bottled mineral water and went inside.

“Just rest for a while Burrows,” said Vincent while walking inside the house. “Today, we won’t be going to the boulders. You will train here.”

Rem was puzzled. Still panting, he looked at the whole house. It’ was about 250 square meters and only features a small lot. He then asked himself how he can train in such a small place.

After 10 minutes, Vincent appeared and asked him to come with him. They walked in front of the wall at the side of the house.

The wall, which was used as a partition between the lawn and entrance from the front gate, was about eight feet tall and about two inches thick.

“This will be your next training,” said Vincent. “Climbing walls will be necessary to your vow.”

Vincent took a few steps backward, ran and in an instant, he was already on top. Rem was impressed. He wanted to learn it.

Vincent then jumped down and walked in front of Rem.

“Burrows, climbing such walls requires proper timing, perfect measurement, and body coordination,” said Vincent. “Failed in a snap, you can’t climb it.”

“Start first with the right distance between you and the wall. Proper distance will give you enough room to achieve the right amount acceleration to pull yourself up. The faster you run towards the wall, the better. Then, jump while giving the wall a kick to add more height and use the force to at least reach the tip of the wall. Then try to climb up using your feet and hands.”

“Alright, Rem, as you wish.”

Rem took a few steps, ran fast, jumped while giving a wall a kick, but he was unable to rich the tip of the wall.

“Rem, you kicked too low,” said Vincent with a commanding voice. “Kick at least waist-high.”

Rem again walked backward, and do what Vincent said. He was able to add more height to his jump than before, but he was pushed further to the wall.”

“As I told you, right measurement,” said Vincent giving Rem a heavy tap on his shoulders. “You were pushed away because you were too near the wall. Don’t forget to concentrate. It’s mind over matter.”

Mind over matter,” Rem said to himself.

Rem, without a word, took a few steps backward, breathed deeply and closed his eyes to relax his mind. He visualized the wall and right there, he measured all the factor… His speed, distance to the wall, and how hard he will kick. Then, He opened his eyes, showed a determined look, ran fast, jumped and gave the wall a kick… He was able to cling on the tip of the wall.

“Now try to pull yourself up using your hands and feet,” said Vincent who was already below Rem.

Rem tried to pull himself, but it’s hard. He tried to climb with his elbow.

“I said only hands and feet,” said Vincent spanking him. “Pull yourself using your hands and push yourself using your feet.”

Rem again took a deep breath and using all his strength he was able to pull himself up. While on top, he thought of Alvarez’ advice to him of not rushing things. So, he just tried to convince himself that he did great.

Vincent then asked him to jump down.

“That’s quite impressive,” said Vincent. “That’s it for today. But, we still have time. You can just climb up again or take a rest.”

Rem walked where he left his bottled water, picked it and sat on the ground. A few more minutes, while staring at the wall, his compulsive personality took over. So, he stood and opted to give wall climbing another try. He positioned himself and ran.

During those times, Vincent was checking his motorcycle. He used to glance at Rem and was quite impressed with his persistence. But, as minutes passed, he seemed becoming more frustrated. So, he walked near him.

“Burrows, you can stop now. And that’s an order!” said Vincent pointing at him. “Take a rest. You’ve drawn your strength. It’s obvious that you needed arm conditioning. Tomorrow I will ask your gym trainer to add some to your sessions.”

“Alright Mr. Vincent,” said Rem. “Can I just go inside? I wanted to see what’s in there.”

“Go,” Vincent replied.


Rem smiled as he entered. He thought that it’s fun to see an ordinary house in the middle of a deserted training island. However, he became nostalgic after seeing that its whole layout had a huge resemblance to the house he used to stay before his abduction. The kitchen, living room, bathrooms and stairs leading to the second floor were exactly positioned like the house of his parents’ bosses. The second floor also reminded him of the upper level where he used to run as a kid.

Rem went down the second floor while wiping his tears. He was about to leave the house when he heard a running noise from his side and when he looked, it was Tobie blazing towards him. The excited dog was stamping on him and trying to reach his face. He knelt and allowed the dog to leak him.

“He liked you very much,” a man said. Rem looked, it was Vincent, who came from the back door. “Unfortunately, we must leave now. Time is up. You have to rest. Same as Tobie. So, bye for now.”


The next day, Vincent briefed him first using a wall that was about five feet tall at the back of the house.

“For me, the fastest way to climb the wall is to try cat grab as quickly as possible,” said Vincent. “When doing this, your hands need to move from finger grab, to cat grab and then palm grope.”

Vincent showed Rem how to do it with the young man following him. He saw that his mentor ended crutching his hands and arms on the tip of the wall so his feet can reach it.

“You must have to do it as quickly as possible,” Vincent added.

After giving Rem some time to practice the hand placements, they proceeded to the taller wall. There, Vincent reminded him of the tips they tackled yesterday before allowing him to try and climb all by himself. He will also add some reminders whenever he struggled.

After spending hours climbing the wall, Vincent lauded Rem for his determination and improvements. He again reminded him of not pushing himself too much.

After 10 days of continuous bar pull-ups and wall climb practice, Rem added another skill to his list. He did it above the expectation of his mentor.