Chapter XLVIII – The Bloody Train (Day 4)

Rem got up on his knees and picked the daggers around. He walked away immediately because he doesn’t want to hear the deafening silence. Disgruntled, he walked without any direction. He may have survived the last three days winning over the strongest fighters but he felt heavy and sad.

While walking, something cold ran through Rem’s veins after seeing a mark coming from Marybeth. As he closely inspected it, he concluded that the mark was only a day old. He knew he’s on the right track.

Rem rushed to the direction as told by the mark; he walked as fast as he can while observing the place for more marks. Excited, he almost failed to realize that it’s already dark and he hadn’t taken a meal, he also hadn’t found a place to spend the rest of the night.

Rem first looked for anti-inflammatory plants to cure his sprain. He found one after a few hours. He then climbed a high tree and settled to the bark where the smaller trees covered the view from below. Longing to see Marybeth, he didn’t mind his hunger and just concentrated in sleeping to conserve his energy.


Rem woke up despite the sun has yet to set. However, he didn’t go down, because of zero visibility. As soon as the sun was up, he went down and looked for something to eat. Rushing, he munched on wild clovers.

Rem use to see markings created by Marybeth; the further he goes, the fresher the mark. After a few hours, he saw wild blueberries. He ate some and stored some not for himself but for his girlfriend. While happily walking, someone suddenly appeared from the bushes and collided with him… It was Anthony.

“Rem, run, quick,” said Anthony while pulling his hand.

Rem sensed the urgency. He ran with Anthony.

“What’s the matter?” asked Rem.

“Ready to fight Burrows? Pleigh and Pitrus are chasing me. We’ll stand a chance if we’ll fight.”

Based on the brief background given by Vincent, Anthony was someone to watch out for. So, Rem gave in. He gave him a fast but recognizable nod.

“Alright, let’s just look for a wider space and we’ll face these annoying ugly guys,” said Anthony.

Then, they arrived in a place about 500 square meters that only features grass and small rocks.

“This is it,” said Anthony stopping Rem. “Stay there,” he added pushing him to side.

Rem got what Anthony wanted to do. He wanted Pleigh and Pitrus cornered so they will be left with no choice but fight. Seconds later, the two arrived.

“And he stopped,” said Pitrus.

“Looked like he runs out of fuel,” Pleigh said.

Anthony was just naughtily smiling at them. Rem loudly cleared his throat that prompted the two to look behind. He was also smiling while flipping a dagger with his right hand.

“I thought I’m the only gay here,” said Anthony. “However, I thought twice after the two of you picked on a girl and now trying to gang up a gay guy.”

“You also tried to mob me up yesterday, right?” said Rem. “Now it’s two on two. The winners will take it all.”

Pleigh and Pitrus looked at each other and they both knew they were being overpowered. But, they have no choice, because they were surrounded.

“Alright, I’ll attack first,” said Rem.

Rem threw his dagger to Pleigh. The latter dodged the attack. The Arkiman ran and challenged him to a spar. Anthony ran towards Pitrus and started to duel. The place instantly turned into a true-to-life Kung fu match.

In the Grothlins area, the number of people voting for the tandem of Anthony and Rem against the other team is quite impressive. They got $800 billion versus the $50 billion of the other duo.

Rem came near Pleigh just to test the waters. He tried his best to attack using his bolo on the right and a dagger on his left. He was impressed with the fighting skills of Pleigh; he was able to shield himself from the daggers using his spear and at the same time avoiding the bolo.

At one point, Rem successfully dodged the blade of the spear, but he never knew that Pleigh will follow through using the handle catching him off guard hitting him hard on his stomach. He was prompted to retreat for a few meters. He knew he will never stand a chance by just throwing daggers and a bolo. He must eliminate the spear.

Rem threw the bolo and picked daggers in his bag. He ran, threw them and as usual, Pleigh was able to just prevent the flying knives using the spear. He then tried to fight the Bumblucks warrior bare hands.

Pleigh thought it was an awful idea, thinking of his skills. He never gave any mercy and attacked Rem back with his sharp weapon. He was surprised when Rem moved sideways and immediately pulled the strings and the spear, which immediately pulled away from his hand. Shocked, Pleigh wasn’t able to react fast. Rem gave him a hard punch on his cheek.

Rem’s planned attack doesn’t end there — he earlier threw a looped rope on the ground a few inches behind Pleigh. When his enemy stepped on it, he pulled it, downing him to the ground. Rem then ran and without hesitation, he kicked Pleigh on his stomach, rode on him and punched him several times on his face. When Pleigh lost consciousness, he twisted his head breaking his neck that immediately killed him. An alarm went off.

Rem breathed deeply and again out of guilt. He looked at Anthony and he was actually struggling with Pitrus. He threw a dagger at his partner’s opponent that punctured through his right bicep, giving Anthony an opportunity to beat him. Right before Rem reached them, Pitrus’ alarm went off.