Chapter XLVII – The Bloody Train (Day 3)

After collecting the strands he needed, Rem went back to the cliff and looked for a place to spend the rest of the night. He was lucky to find a small cave a few meters from the water, which was just enough to keep him away from the enemies and cold. He spent the night making ropes.

“Second night of the game, great show, investors are happy,” said the voice of a woman while Rem was connecting the strands to make a long rope. “However, three wildcats fell – Matilda of the Goliaths and Cass of the Espies fell in the hands of Rem of the Arkimans; Daisy of the Cherkins fell in the hands of Pleigh of Bamblucks and Pitrus of the Scrisms. That’ll be the end of the list… Next announcement will be after three days.”

Rem sighed knowing that he killed two out of three fallen wildcats. He also knew that he was in big trouble especially to Brandon, the half of the Goliath team. If he can only explain that Matilda was the first person to attack he already did. On the other side, he was happy knowing that Marybeth was still alive.

After finishing his ropes, Rem tried to sleep, sitting and in full guard.

The next day, Rem continued and this time, going to the other side of the river, thinking Pleigh and Pitrus were still hunting him. He thought of setting traps but changed his minds thinking they might cause Marybeth’s death.

Rem walked straight following the river and will constantly put marks to tell Marybeth he’d been there. He also used to take some breaks and eat some the vegetables he got yesterday because he doesn’t want to repeat what happened during yesterday’s chase.

In one of his stopover, he saw a bright-colored frog. He recalled that it as one of the most poisonous animals on earth and just got a great idea. He caught the frog and hunted for more. He then tried to scrap the liquid from the skin of the frogs and put it in his vials. After a few minutes, he released the cute but deadly creatures.

Luck continued to go his way… A rattlesnake warned Rem with its sound. He picked a stick, pinned the venomous snake and hold onto its head and milked it right through his vial. He also juiced poisonous plants.

The path revealed a wider terrain that was about a hectare in size. From afar, Rem saw an abandoned house along the grassy area. He wanted to check it for some supplies.

Rem entered. The furniture was already rotting but he was amazed by the plants that crawled and dominated the floor; flowers and fruits made the area colorful while lady bugs, butterflies and much more added life inside. While walking around, he picked the berries, ate some and kept some. He also checked the drawers of the cabinets. He saw ropes, old but reliable traveling bag, knives including a bolo and a lot more that can make his life more convenient.

As far he wanted to stay inside the luscious beauty, Rem has to move on. However, outside was a bad news.

“There he is,” a voice of a man said. It was Pleigh. “I told you he went this way.”

“Rem Burrows from Arkimans, fell in the hands of Pleigh and Pitrus,” said Pitrus as if imagining a victory. “Sounds amazing right?”

Rem was left with no choice but to fight. He, however, noticed that the tip of the roof is just a few inches above him.

“Oh, Brandon I’ve been waiting for you,” said Rem looking straight.

It distracted Pleigh and Pitrus that gave Rem the opportunity to run away. In a snap, Rem was able to go up the roof using the parkour skills he learned on the island. He ran a few meters and waited for someone to go up.

“There you are,” said Pleigh, who ran a few yards away the house to see him. “Pitrus ran to the other side!” he added shouting.

Rem took his bolo and a knife on his other hand to prepare himself if the two appeared at the same time. Pleigh peeked. He was easily noticed by Rem, who immediately ran towards him and brandished the bolo, prompting the guy to release his grip. He looked down and threw a knife prompting the foe to dodge.

Rem went back to his position and waited. He heard footsteps and it seemed like the two were running away from something. He looked below and saw the two running to the forest. He looked around and wondered why. He then immediately stayed down after seeing Brandon and Azuki “Zuk” Bosche of The Espies together.

“Those cowards didn’t even bother to fight us,” said Zuk after they reached the front of the house.

“They already searched this place,” said Brandon after peeking through the window. “Let’s go and hunt them,” he added as he walked towards the forest.

“Can’t we just take a break for a few minutes?”


“Oh come on, Brandon. We won’t easily find that Arkiman. Don’t rush things.”

The two continued to argue. However, Brandon prevailed. Zuk, also having a dominating personality, lost his patience. He saw the knife Rem threw earlier and picked it. As Brandon walked towards the forest, Zuk swung and tried to stab him. But, the Goliath wildcat was able to react fast and covered himself with his mace. He replied with a punch on Zuk’s stomach.

“You insisted be my ally and then what?” said Brandon walking slowly to Azuki who was crumpling on the grassy area. “You told me that you will help me kill that guy from Arkimans, because like me, you wanted to avenge your team mate. You promised of taking care of the long range and now what?”

Zuk was able to run a few meters, aimed his arrow at Brandon. However, the huge man ran and hit his bow with his mace. He then put his mace on his side, picked the Espies representative using his left hand, removed all his arrows from the case using his right, and used all of them to stab him. He raised his left hand balancing Zuk via his arrows until the alarm went off.

Brandon just threw Zuk and walked away as if nothing happened.

Rem witnessed the whole thing getting the idea how brutal the Goliaths were. He thought, he can’t fight him one on one, he must have an advantage.

Rem got off the roof after assuring himself that no one was already around. He decided to stalk Brandon. He knew it’s such a bad idea, but it’s also a great tactic to stay away from other wildcats who were hunting him down. It can also make him sure that the big man won’t get into his way.

Rem walked straight to where Brandon went. He looked for signs to where he went such as footsteps and destroyed plants. After an hour of looking, he finally found the big man. He was sitting on a big log cooking his meal.

Rem watched from a distance and looked like Brandon was quite relaxed while making his stew. He decided to put matters in his hands… He hid his bag somewhere, made a tube out of a huge leaf, picked a fist-sized rocked, picked some straw and cut them into needles. He then climbed a huge tree behind Brandon.

Rem took the vial where he juiced the poisonous plants, dipped the needles, positioned himself and threw the rock to the bushes near Brandon. The big man stood and ran towards the bushes that gave him the opportunity to blow needles into Brandon’s pot. He successfully blew six needles.

When Brandon was assured that the noise was nothing, he went back and checked on his meal. He was confused for a little while but decided to chow it all. Rem silently rejoiced.

Unfortunately for Rem, the branch suddenly broke sending him down. The impact sprained his left ankle. He wanted to get out immediately, but his fall was quite painful. Desperate, he crawled. Next thing he saw were the legs of Brandon and when looked up he was smirking at him.

“So, it’s the man who destroyed the ally,” said Brandon.

“You are mistaken, it’s Matilda who tried to attack first,” Rem said while pushing his right foot backward as if he can easily stay away from Brandon.

“You honestly think I will buy that, you traitor?” said Brandon while holding on the handle of his mace. “You fall from above, a few meters away from me, now you are injured crawling away and explaining. Was that a desperate move?”

Meanwhile, in the Grothlins members’ area, a betting page again appeared. People still voted billions on Brandon probably not knowing that a poison was already running through his system. He got $700 billion while Rem got $4 billion, including a $3 billion bet from Lowell Heitzberg.

Rem didn’t say a word and continued to crawl away.

Brandon pulled his mace from the side lock of his pants and struck Rem with it. The young man, however, flipped his body into the broken branch and able to avoid the powerful attack. Rem pulled his body, stood and tried to run away despite he’s limping. Brandon followed him immediately.

When Rem looked up, he saw a perfect “y” branch collar. He immediately tied a rope to his dagger and threw in between the twigs, pulled to lock it and used is to swing himself away to Brandon. When he was a few meters away, he released and before reaching the ground, he used his right foot to land and rolled over.

Rem actually doesn’t have the intention of completely running. He just wanted to kill the time until the poison takeover.

“Fighting me in long range, nice idea,” said Brandon. “This is getting interesting.”

Rem pulled a dagger in his bag and threw it to Brandon. The knives were easily dodged. He continued to throw daggers to Brandon, who boastfully responded with rolls, shielding from his mace and doing some more exhibitions.

Rem ran out of knives. Brandon laughed.

“It’s my turn,” he said with full of arrogance while rotating his mace. Suddenly, he vomited and went down on his knees. He turned pale and weak. Rem, on the other hand, smiled.

“That’s it, Brandon, whether you believe it or not, Matilda hit me first. Also, way back in that old house by the river, I heard you are longing to kill me…That’s why I salvaged you,” said Rem while making a knot.

“What did you do to me?” asked Brandon. He coughed. He felt numbness all over his body. He was dizzy. He was confused.

“Well, I poisoned you without you knowing it… Blame your strong appetite,” said Rem. “Now the poison, coming from five poisonous plants, is getting into your system. Only hospitalization can cure you.”

“You bastard, we’ll die together,” said Brandon who tried to attack Rem despite he was weak. He unleashed a weak blow on Rem but the Arkiman fighter caught his hand with the use of his rope.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Brandon. It’s nothing personal, I only have to fulfill my pledge,” said Rem while he continued to tie Brandon’s hand and feet.

“You will lose consciousness and won’t feel anything, I’m so sorry,” said Rem with reddish eyes.

Rem turned his back on Brandon and walked. Minutes after, an alarm went off. He fell because of the excruciating pain caused by his fall and at the same time, the emotional stress he had for killing another human being.

In the Grothlins area, the Arkimans rejoiced because it’s another victory for them. Vincent and his group hugged each other because they are billions richer.