Chapter XLVI – The Bloody Train (Day 2)

Rem walked toward a small room to get his shoes. Right after he entered, he smiled realizing that it was the pantry. So, he looked for things that he can use. He found several bottled water and drank from it. He also picked several pieces of bread, removed the molding parts and ate them. He looked from the window and saw that it’s already getting dark. He decided that he will just stay the rest of the night. He looked down and smiled after seeing several wild fowl.

Rem slowly sneaked through the building because he was suspicious that there might be some wildcats in the area. In one throw of the dagger, Rem got himself a delicious meal. He went back and rejoiced after seeing that the stove was still working. Minutes later, he had himself a gourmet of roasted chicken completed with garnishing.

During the night, Rem tried his best to sleep. But, he can’t. He was thinking about Marybeth, his parents, and other plans. He started to cry out of confusion, guilt, and worries. Tired and stressed out, he eventually fell asleep.

Rem got up as soon as the sun rose. Completely charged, he was now ready to look for Marybeth. He first used the scattered sheets to make a bag and scavenge around. He kept used vials, syringes, extra knives and of course food and water. He was also lucky to find yarns and threads that he braided to ropes.

Rem passed by the body of Matilda and can’t help but to feel guilty. So, he took a table, carried her and let the dead body lay on top.

“You are one gorgeous lady, but I have to do what I have to do,” said Rem after kissing her forehead. Then, he went ahead and outside the building.

Before he completely left the building, Rem carved something on the wall of the exit along with letters “DSV”, which was the sign that they talked about earlier to tell each other that they’ve been through that area and to where they were going. The first and last letters were actually just dummies to confuse the enemies.

Rem inhaled deeply. The fresh air gave him a little more boost. He continued walking, packing positive outlook. He was longing to see Marybeth.

For five hours, Rem walked straight to the south and will just take a break when he had to leave a mark. He didn’t mind the prickly heat of the sun and will only drink a small amount of water just enough to keep his mouth from drying.

Hours after, Rem felt weak and needed to take some rest under the shades. So, he stopped and sat under a big tree. He was dizzy, numb, confused and had this urge to drink lots of water. He decided to rest under the shade. A few minutes, he’s getting better. He said to himself that he will extend his rest because he realized he can’t protect Marybeth if he was not energized.

However, when Rem was about to fall asleep, he heard a stretching sound of rubber that echoes all over the rocky area. He knew someone’s aiming at him.

Rem looked and immediately flipped his body seeing a wildcat aiming a bow and arrow. He was able to dodge and looked; it was Cassandra “Cass” Tien, the female member of Espies. Seconds after, she shouted. Two men appeared and without a word they ran towards his direction. She followed.

The two men were Pitrus Aure of Scrisms and Phleigh Yousif of Bamblucks. Rem knew he won’t win against three fighters. So, he ran. The enemies followed him while chanting and teasing him.

Another bidding session was opened for the Grothlins members. This time, $3 trillion were betted for the three while Rem only had $50 million.

It looked like things aren’t going his way… As Rem ran, the view showed the end of the cliff. He had to quickly think of a strategy. While still running, he picked a dagger, tied strings around and threw it off the cliff. As soon as he felt it reached the bottom, he immediately pulled it. The wet part of the string informed him that it is deep enough.

Rem slowed down gasping for air.

The three rejoiced as they thought he was running out of energy, but they were wrong. Rem was actually letting them catch up to assure his reach.

Rem, after reaching the end, faced the three, with a dagger in his hand. Being a sharpshooter, he hit the female wildcat right on her neck sending a shock to the two men… He dived to the water immediately.

Phleigh helped Cass by adding pressure to her wound. Pitrus, on the other hand, ran towards the cliff. He saw Rem was already swimming to the side and he’s too far for his spear.

After reaching the land, Rem looked up and smiled mischievously to Pitrus before running to the woods. Pitrus went back to check on Cass, but she already losing lots of blood and in just a minute, her alarm went off. The two were left with no choice but to leave her body.

The computation system determined that $1 trillion will be distributed for the people who betted on Rem. Many of the Grothlins people, especially the investors are now getting interested in him.

“I’ll get that curly ginger and give him slow painful death,” said Pleigh.

“Let’s go down and look for him,” Pitrus said tapping Pleigh’s shoulder.

Rem didn’t go far. He actually stopped after a few meters just to let the two think he went ahead. He had to go back and get his bag, hydrate himself and fish for food. He knew he also had to dry himself as the night was almost approaching.

Rem removed his suit retaining only his underwear, hanged them on top of a tree and ran to the stream to retrieve his bag. He then made a spear and went back to the water. Right after catching a fish he went back went back to the shore and ate it raw. He retrieved his suit and continued walking without wearing them because he still wanted to get his underwear dried. He searched the forest for more food but stumbled on better things… He jumped to joy seeing hefty agave plants. He didn’t waste time and made ropes.