Chapter XLII – Pre-Game Pampering

Vincent and the rest of the group were convinced that the wit and strength of Rem and the survival skills of Marybeth will really come along. Surprisingly, Lowell Heitzberg also agreed to them.

“Good morning, Mr. Burrows,” said Carklein. “It’s such a lovely day today! It’s 7:00 in the morning and the bright sunshine is waiting for you and Ms. Anderson. I advise that you should prepare yourself now. Your outfit for today is waiting in the dresser.”

Rem obliged. After taking a bath, he was surprised seeing a pair of jeans, a simple blue-green shirt, a pair of sneakers and a pair of sunglasses were inside his dresser. Outside his room, he saw Vincent and the escorts also wearing casual attires. He smiled at them as he walked.

“Where are we going?” Rem asked. “Why are we wearing simple clothes?”

“I’ll explain later,” Vincent replied.

A few minutes after, Marybeth appeared. She’s wearing a simple outfit – a red plain polo shirt that complimented her skinny jeans and plain white sneakers. Her hair was properly gorged at the side. Rem still found her attractive.

“Alright, let’s move,” said Vincent.

Again, Vincent led the group and when they board the limousine. He explained to the two that there were no training. They will only have fun.

A few minutes after, Rem smiled when their limousine stopped in front of an amusement park. He looked at Marybeth. She was leaning on the car window, with her palm on the glass.

The group did some rides, watched movies, a boxing match, entertainment acts and much more. They also played amusement games such as basketball, target shooting and much more. The group pampered themselves by going to the salon, sauna, and massage parlor.

Rem, however, seemed not to enjoy as much as Marybeth and the rest. He knew that anytime soon, they will be put in a cage for entertainment purposes. His chances of being with his family, with Marybeth and helping others were slimming down.

Then, he realized that he must do something better. So, he asked Vincent if he can roam around alone. The latter agreed and handed him an envelope containing lots of money.

Rem went to different establishments and bought things his money can buy. Later, he was like a lady obsessed with shopping carrying dozens of paper bags. He doesn’t want Vincent or his escort to know what he’s up to. So, he sneaked and rode a cab back to his unit. In his room, he just dropped his things and went back to the amusement center.

Rem thought the things he bought were not enough. However, he doesn’t have money. He thought of a bright idea. He went to a specialty store that caters expensive items.

“Hi,” said Rem to the receptionist. “I’m just wondering if you are buying statement secondhand shoes?”

“Yeah, what’d you got there?” the receptionist replied.

“Here,” said Rem removing his shoes.

The lady inspected them, smiled and called her manager. A man of his forties appeared and after a silent conversation, he also inspected the shoes. The man looked at him.

“May I know your name?’ asked the man and from his accent, he was British.

“Rembrandt Burrows, sir,” Rem replied.

“You sure, you wanted to sell these. They are one of a class; a few of its own.”

“Yup! 100%.”

“Well then, would you mind, bringing Mr. Burrows to our VIP area while I prepare the check,” said the manager to the receptionist.

“Actually, I prefer cash. I don’t have cash anymore. I also lost my wallet. So, I don’t think I can cash them out.”

“Ok, please wait here while we withdraw money.”

The receptionist smiled at Rem as if she was trying to flirt with him. He only smiled back but immediately looked away showing that he was not interested. She went out the VIP area leaving him alone. She returned a few minutes after.

“Are you out of your mind?” the receptionist blurt out.

“Me? No. I’m perfectly fine.”

“Your shoes. Those are Renee Barzuela’s limited edition. Your shoes are one of the five released this year.”


“Renee Barzuela is a notable designer. Her limited edition shoes will cost millions. But now, you sold it, it will be less 20%. Sir Beria will then sell it the same price of the brand new. If only I had that money, I’ll buy it,” the receptionist said frowning.

“Really? I actually hate those shoes. They are not comfortable that’s why I sold it.”

“You’re insane.”

“No, I’m not…”

The receptionist left Rem. After a few more minutes, Mr. Beria arrived carrying a briefcase.

“I’m sure my receptionist already told you how valuable your shoes are,” said Mr. Beria.

“Yup. So, don’t make a fool out of me,” Rem responded.

“No, we are not those kinds of people. Anyway, here is your cash — straight from the bank.”

Beria opened the briefcase showing Rem the money.

“This briefcase contains $800,000 to be exact. Enjoy,” Beria added handing Rem the briefcase.

“The briefcase is mine?”

“Yeah! All yours.”

Beria also gave Rem a pair of simple sneakers. The fighter, on the other hand, felt more relaxed than the expensive one.

Rem again spent the money by buying different pieces of stuff and when he can’t carry them anymore, he rode a taxi back to his apartment. Right after returning to the amusement park, he bought a cotton candy and looked for his group. The members of the group were all together and they were already waiting for him. A little irritated, Vincent saying they must go back.