Chapter XLI – Back Train (Day 5 and 6)

Vincent immediately went out of the room. Rem stood after seeing him.

“Mr. Vincent, I apologi….” said Rem. But, he wasn’t able to finish after Vincent punched him on his jaw.

“What? What did I do?”

Vincent didn’t say a word. He grabbed Rem via his suit, pinned him to one of the poles and talked to him face to face.

“What are you doing?” asked an obviously angry Vincent.

“I lost, it happens,” Rem replied.

“B*llsh*t! We all know here that you and Marybeth are lovers and you love her more than she loves you. Do you honestly think I will believe you? That you just lost like that?”

Rem didn’t say a word. A little guilt was felt in his eyes. Vincent released him down strongly that floored him. He then walked towards Rem and half-knelt.

“You love Marybeth, but giving up your talent for her is a total waste of time. What you are doing won’t inspire her to push herself. Make her move by showing the best of you… In that way, you’ll challenge her. Don’t be stupid Rem, because when you are out there, men will always take on women…

“The investors watched that training of yours and you know what? Investors can easily change rules. So, if they saw that you are not serious about your training, they can easily order to make you start in the middle crocodile-infested river or in between five hungry lions… Did you get me?”

“Yes, sir. I’m so sorry!”

“Moving forward,” Vincent said giving Rem a hand.


“Wait, where is Marybeth?” Rem asked while walking along with Vincent and Jimmy.

“She was picked by Heitzberg’s crew. She and Dricks will have a meeting,” Vincent replied.

“A meeting? With whom? And why I’m not included?”

“I have no idea…”

Vincent asked Rem to take a bath and they will now go back to their unit. During the shower, he can’t believe that he will go home without Marybeth. He missed her already.

When they arrived, Rem sat on the couch and waited for Marybeth to arrive. After an hour, he went to the gym and did some hardcore workouts to keep himself busy. When he came back, he was disappointed, she still wasn’t there. He went to his room to take some rest. There, he lay on his bed despite he was full of sweat. He closed his eyes.

“Carklein, please wake me up after 25 minutes,” Rem said. “I only need to have a power nap. And once Marybeth arrived, wake me up.”

“That’ll be all noted,” the robot said. “Is that all Mr. Burrows?”


Rem then relaxed and immediately fell asleep. After exactly 25 minutes, a loud buzzer went off that immediately.

“Mr. Burrows, 25 minutes passed,” said Carklein.

“I said, wake me up, not frighten,” Rem replied.

“I apologize, Mr. Burrows. But, it’s my only way to wake you up.”

“Marybeth has not arrived?”

“No Mr. Burrows.”

Rem sighed deeply. He stood and took a bath. After, he went outside and asked Vincent and his escort if they got any idea where Marybeth was and when she will come back. None had any ideas.

Rem stayed in the living room and waited for Marybeth. He wanted her to see him as she entered the unit and despite he was already starving, he doesn’t want to eat; he wanted to eat with her. Hours of waiting, he fell asleep.


Rem felt a warm palm on his cheek and when he opened his eyes it was Marybeth. She was crying.

“Hey,” said Rem.

“Hey,” Marybeth replied.

“What took you so long?” he asked.

Marybeth kissed him on the cheek. Her tears started to flow from her eyes.

“I just met with Heitzberg,” Marybeth said, still crying, but trying to contain her emotions. Rem started to worry.

“Why are you crying?”

“I just miss you? Good thing, the first person I saw as I enter this place is you. Thanks for waiting for me,” Marybeth said as she hugged him.

“You sure, you are alright?”

“Yeah, I’ve never been better.”

Rem ordered food for them. Marybeth ordered only wine saying that she had taken her supper. She just went with him in the dining room where she watched him eat. The next hours were spent chit chatting. She declined to tell what happened in the meeting.

The fifth day was just like of the day 4. Rem followed the advice of Vincent and he was right, Marybeth showed improvement after he continued to show his superb fighting skills and witty strategies. The sixth day was like of the day 3 – minus Jonathan Cooney – where Rem and Marybeth showed more dominance as they worked together as a team. They again broke records by finishing the sixth day of the back training with the least time.