Chapter XII – The Succeeding Days

Hours after sleeping, Rem felt the urged to urinate. He then went outside and surprisingly, no one was around. As he walked to the bathroom, he can’t help but be curious about the things in the places not intended for them.

After responding to the call of nature, he went straight to the dining area and into the kitchen. He tried the knob to the cooking area. He got excited when he found out it was not locked. He was amazed by the state-of-the-art cooking machines and utensils in the place. When he opened the refrigerator, he got more excited with the tons of raw materials. There were vegetables, herbs, and fruits. He picked and ate a banana.

He then went outside.

Unfortunately, the exit of the dome was closed. But, there are some holes where he can peek through. He was again amazed by the wide field that was obviously seen with the help of the bright moon.

Rem was disturbed by a creaking sound probably created by the opening of the door. Since the sound echoed all over the dome, he knew some of the security personnel will go outside. So, he just aligned himself to the wall and walked sideways until he reached the house. He walked straight the bathroom so no one will suspect.

Before he entered the bathroom, someone gave him an arm choke while covering his mouth. Rem can’t do something. The man behind him was quite stronger and taller to a point that he was being lifted. When he can’t breathe anymore, the grab loosened and then he was dropped.

When Rem looked… it was Randolph and laughing while his pointing finger on his lips asking him to be quiet.

“Damn you, Randolph! Why did you do that?” Rem said in a silent but angry manner. “You almost gave a heart attack.”

“What are you doing?” asked Randolph. “Did your escorts tell you that we shouldn’t be lurking around at night?”

“Just wanted to see things… I’m just curious.”

“I’ve been watching you for a couple of minutes already,” Randolph said making Rem’s eye pop out. “You’re obviously mesmerized by the scene outside… It’s called the field. You will just run and run and run over there.”

“Come on let’s go to the bathroom. When they see us here, we’re dead,” Randolph noted.


“Why is it illegal to walk around?” asked Rem while both of them are facing the urinals.

“Only at night,” Randolph said. “After the training, if you wanted to take a peek outside, you can. Just ask your escorts and they’ll allow you. You can also enter the kitchen, the dorm, anywhere as long as there’s no training… But at night, it’s prohibited.”

“You’ve been watching me while I’m in the kitchen?”

“Yeah, I just hid behind the bar when you are about to get out of the kitchen. I just allowed you to walk around as I know that our guards are sleeping in the living room and they are like sloths every night. So, I know no one will catch you,” Randolph said while they were walking outside the comfort room and to the dorm.

Rem laughed thriftily.

“Don’t do it again Rem. Stemper will be really mad. We should be disciplined… they said.”

“You made that creaking sound?”

“Yeah! I just used a spoon and slid it along with the door to catch your attention. You’re like a little child in a carnival.”

The two then reached the dorm. Randolph gave Rem a slight arm hit on his shoulder and told him that he should be resting as the next day training will be more tiring and draining.

Since Rem was already sleepy, he mildly punched Randolph’s hip and entered his room. He then lay on his bed, closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Rem felt like being shaken and he knew someone was trying to wake him up.

“Rem, we should be taking a bath now,” the man said. When he opened his eyes, it was Dreyford. “We will just be waiting for you outside.”

Rem immediately went outside. Dreyford nodded probably saying that they should go to the bathroom. All happened quickly – the shower, changing clothes and walking outside the bathroom without any words from the three.

When they got to the table, all of them took a seat.

“Why are we so silent?” said Randolph to Rem and Dreyford.

“I don’t know, everything was a little slow today!” Dreyford replied.

“Including the girls,” Randolph said with a little laugh.

The girls then appeared and they were talking, obviously an opposite of what happened to the boys. Tatiana tapped Rem on his shoulder and took a seat beside him. Marybeth sat beside Tatiana.

Then breakfast was served. This time, it was two sunny side up eggs and a slice of bread along with milk and the three capsules. Rem finished it in just a few minutes and drank water. After they finished their meals, all remained seated for a few minutes while the three were talking about what happened in their previous training. Rem tried to listen, but he can’t relate.

“Come on. I’m energized,” said Dreyford while standing.

All of them followed.

Rem and Marybeth knew what to do. So, they just separated themselves and went to the same area of yesterday. They took a seat and after a few minutes, it was Jonathan who appeared.

“Alright Rem and Marybeth attention please,” said Jonathan. “Mr. Stemper won’t be here for quite some time. He is actually outside doing important things. So, starting today, I will be in charge of your morning exercises.”

“Do your understand me?” asked Jonatan in a loud, but still calm manner.

“Sir, yes sir,” they replied.

Rem felt a little relief knowing that it was Jonathan. He hoped that things will be a lot easier and the exercise to be a lot of fun.

The exercise that Jonathan asked them to do was like Stemper’s. He even made their exercise longer by adding plank, side plank, bicycle and a lot more. But Rem felt more encouraged as the trainer was also a good motivator.

For the finishing touches, he asked them to jog all over the place, which was quite favorable for Rem because he can evaluate the place. They even passed by the three who were doing their gym exercises. After a few minutes of jogging, it’s now time for tire flipping.

Rem admired Jonathan more when he knelt down in front of them and explained that they should focus more on keeping the eggs and not in flipping the tire.

Rem again finished the task in less than 30 minutes. Marybeth did it in more than an hour. Jonathan praised them just like a father’s reaction after seeing a 100% exam of his kid. He now named him as his best teacher and he knew Marybeth also felt the same because he can see that she was more determined.

Jonathan allowed the three to spend their remaining hours in the living room.


After changing his clothes, Rem asked Dricks if he can walk around to check on things. The favor was granted but the two escorts went with him. He walked around the area and used to ask them a few questions. The two willingly answered.

After, he went back to the living room. There, he saw Marybeth with that irritated look as if he did something wrong. She also rolled her eyes after seeing him.

“What?” said Rem.

“What took you so long? I’m alone here,” Marybeth asked.

Rem smiled.

“I asked Mr. Dricks if I can roam around. They agreed and they came along with me. Right from the very first day, I always wanted to check on things here.”

“Next time, let me know!” said Marybeth, obviously irritated.

Rem’s eyebrows crossed. He was confused. A few minutes after, Dreyford appeared in the living room calling them. He said the foods were already served. He offered her a hand to help her get up.

After eating, Rem and Marybeth continued with training. Jonathan focused on mentoring Rem and Alvarez to Marybeth.


The routine of morning bath, mild breakfast, exercises, feast, knife throwing, lunch, next level knife throwing and dinner repeated for about more than three years. The tire-flipping exercise was terminated after a couple of months.

As months go by, training becomes heavier that was obviously adjusted to their growing bodies. Different types and drills were introduced to their morning exercises with some requiring weights.

The basic knife throwing soon required them to use different knives with the mentor only stepping in to correct some posture or give reminders. The next level knife throwing was still the same. But, requiring them a faster reaction. Moving objects were also added.

Rem and Marybeth, during those times, started to enter the puberty stage. Rem became taller, gained muscles and started to become good-looking. Marybeth, on the other hand, became less of a tantrum and started to show her beauty. Both of them also became stronger, smarter, and greater knife throwers.

During dull moments, Rem will walk everywhere and if Marybeth was in the mood, she will sometimes go with him. If they were complete, they will make fun of each other with the two are already getting comfortable to a point of fighting back during teasing times. There were even times that the older trainees will wrestle them or go knife throwing to test their skills.

Every 7th day, all the trainees will be brought by a speed boat to another island where they will be pampered. Massage, facial, dental and medical checkups, sometimes haircuts, manicure, pedicure, foot spa and a lot more. For the whole day, they will do nothing but to relax.

Every year, the birthday of each trainee was celebrated. However, Rem knew that it was fake. Since he was not under a hypnotism, he knew when his exact birthday was.

All the perks, pampering, and foods were enjoyed by Rem. But, he knew it is just a show to tell them that they really care.

Rem had no brother and since he was never really hypnotized, he still felt that dream of having one. Because of that, he subconsciously treated Randolph as his older sibling with the other one also acting the same.

There are nights, when everybody, including the guards, was sleeping, Rem will use to go to Randolph’s room to talk things like the training, Tatiana, Dreyford, Marybeth, the escorts, mentors, his frustrations and a lot more. Randolph used to give advice and words of encouragement that actually kept him going.

There were also nights that the two will make a trip of sneaking everywhere and since they were both trained, they were never caught. They also even came to a point of passing by the sleeping guards just to challenge themselves.