Chapter VIII – The Feast

“He finished the task in an hour. And because of his strategy, the lady finished in more than two hours,” Stemper said to an unknown man. “He’s definitely suited for the games.”

Meanwhile, Randolph, Dreyford, and Tatiana were like little kids given with some candies after seeing the food served in front of them. Roasted pig, turkey, chicken, pasta, sea foods, meatloaf and much more. Cakes, brownies, doughnuts, you name them. Fresh fruits? They were also present. There were also three fountains on the table, featuring fresh pineapple juice, grape juice, and chocolate drink.

Rem’s gastric juice immediately formed at the lining of his stomach. Since all of them were given with a knife for slicing whatever they wanted, he started with the roasted pork. As his knife punctured through the skin, it scrunched enticing him to slice the pig faster. He then ate just what like everybody’s doing.

After he finished the whole slice, Rem took a chicken leg and munched on it. He never experienced this kind of meal and he’s enjoying. He also took prawns, a lobster, a crab and a lot more but only in a small piece so he won’t be bloated faster.

“Want some chocolate drink?” Rem asked Marybeth.

Marybeth didn’t bother to talk and just handed him a glass. When he returned, she immediately gulped.

Rem wasn’t finished. This time, he wanted some sweets. He picked a slice of brownies and took a small bite. He sighed because it was the best brownies he had in his life. He then became a little kid who wanted to try everything. He picked all the pastry he wanted, but will only take a bite. All of them, for him, were delicious.

Rem felt bloated. He half-laid on his chair and gave his tummy a rub.

“Oh! bloated?” said the mouthful Randolph. “You are weak!”

A few minutes after, all of them stopped eating. All were happy with the food. Randolph, Dreyford, and Tatiana stood and walked away from the table.

“Come on guys! We will take a rest for a few hours and we’ll continue with the training,” said Tatiana.

All five of them went to the living room.

The living room was about 12 meters squared. It featured a high-class long couch, single couches, bean bags, rocking chairs and a fountain at the corner. Scattered along the area were ornamental plants that gave the fresher feel.

Rem let his body fall from on the carpet. He felt like throwing up because of the tremendous amount of food he consumed. He closed his eyes and let his back aligned with the soft fabric.

All the things that Rem can hear were the laughs coming from the three. He thought they might be laughing at him, but he doesn’t care anymore. What he wanted was to take some rest.

When Rem was about to fall asleep, he felt he’s being shaken.

“Hey Rem, don’t sleep,” said Tatiana. “Fight it, have fun with us. We don’t want you having acid reflux.”

Rem pulled his body and sat beside them. They were laughing and joking around while talking about their previous training and who sucked with what. Marybeth was sitting on the other couch. She was also laughing.