Chapter VI – Marybeth and Co-Trainees

Rem was awakened by the laughs from outside. Curious, he peeked through the glass window of his room and saw two men and a woman of about 16 to 18 years age. They were having fun. One of the men noticed him. He poked the other guy and pointed his lips to Rem’s direction.

“Might be a new-comer,” said one.

“Good luck to him,” the other one said.

Then a man with deep but loud voice ordered the three to go inside their corresponding rooms. In seconds, they were all gone.

Rem went back to bed. He again turned emotional. He missed his parents and Angela. He knew crying was worthless. So, he used it as motivation. He’s ready for tomorrow. He will follow everything so he can be free and financially rewarded. Then, he will be reunited with his family.

The whole dome suddenly turned dim. Rem concluded that it’s already late and it’s time for him to sleep. Curious, he went outside and much to his surprise, Dricks, and Jimmy, along with eight more muscled men were just outside guarding the dormitory.

“What do you want, Rem?” said Dricks.

“I just have to go to the bathroom,” Rem replied.

Dricks and Jimmy then guided Rem to the bathroom. They even came with him inside and asked him to make it quick. He entered a cubicle to give truth to his alibi. When done, the two men asked Rem to go inside his room and take a rest because after a few hours he will start his training. He obliged.


“Hey Rem, wake up,” a voice of a man said while shaking Rem. “It’s time for your training.”

Rem opened his eyes… It was Vincent. He remembered what he said to himself last night — his goals of becoming a great member of the Arkiman to be able to reunite with his parents. He then got a boost. He nodded and sat on his bed.

“Here are your supplies,” said Vincent, handing Rem a basket containing toiletries. He also handed him his clothes. “Dricks and Jimmy are waiting for you outside. They will show you where you can take a bath. Make it quick.”

The same comfort room last night was the same area where Rem can take a bath. Cubicles with toilet bowls were on the left while cubicles with shower were on the right. He saw the two young men last night. They were joking and fooling around while bathing.

The guys occupied the first two cubicles. So, Rem entered the third and since the cubicles for the shower won’t cover your whole body, the men – who were tall – able to see him.

“I’m Dreyford,” said this good-looking guy showering beside him. He was tall, had blonde curly hair, huge eyes, pointed nose and a nice smile.

“He is Randolph,” said Dreyford pointing to his buddy. Randolph nodded at Rem.

Randolph was smaller than Dreyford. He had dark black hair, big eyes and looked like coming from Latin descent. Dreyford had stronger features than Randolph. But, the other one had bulkier muscles.

“And you are?” asked Dreyford.

“I’m Rem. Rem Burrows,” the youngest man replied as he continued showering. He was nervous and at the same time wondering why they were friendly.

“Look, Rem, I know it’s a little awkward. It’s your first time,” said Dreyford. “But sooner or later, you’ll love in here. You’ll love everything – the food, the shower, the training and in the moment you are about to fulfill your duties, you are the happiest person on earth. We’ve been here for about five years and we can’t wait to go out to serve the Arkimans.”

“Between the two of us, I am the better Arkiman,” said Randolph.

“He’s just joking. He’s actually scared of me,” Dreyford replied.

“No I’m not,” said Randolph squeezing his shampoo onto Dreyford. The other one avenged himself by hitting him with his wet towel. They acted like kids tripping on each other.

Rem giggled and admitted to himself, he felt a little awkward knowing the fact that they were under hypnotism.

“Hey, gentlemen. Your breakfast is now ready,” said one of the escorts. “Mr. Cobb and Mr. Gardner please guide Mr. Burrows.”

The two just turned the shower off, dried themselves, wrapped a towel around their waists, and straight to the locker area.

“Rem come!” Randolph shouted. “We shouldn’t be late for breakfast.”

Rem hurried to dry himself, carried his basket and clothes, and ran to follow his companions. While changing clothes, he looked at the two men. They were obviously strong and have undergone serious training. Since the two were both having bulky muscles, Rem had the idea what the Arkimans really wanted.

“Who among you is the Cobb?”

“My full name is Randolph Brian Cobb,” said Randolph and then pointed his hand to Dreyford.

“And I am Dreyford Colin Gardner,” said Dreyford.

“Our female companion is Tatiana Alexandria McMurray,” said Randolph. “What’s the buzz with our full names?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to know,” Rem replied. He concluded that the hypnotism didn’t erase all of the memories. It only commanded them that they should become a great Arkiman member.

After they were done changing clothes, Rem followed Dreyford and Randolph. They went to the pantry and sat randomly.

The Pantry was about 15 meters long and 10 meters wide. It had the dining area, a bar, a sink and a lot more. Rem thought the pantry was like those seen in American cooking shows.

“Girls!” said Dreyford. “They are always late, because of their kinky hairs.”

After a few minutes of waiting, the woman Rem saw with Randolph and Dreyford last night arrived. She was with the little girl.

“Tatiana, this Rem, the newest member of the Arkiman,” said Randolph. “Rem this is Tatiana. Probably, the strongest female Wildcat ever. But she stands no chance on us.”

Tatiana slapped Randolph.

“How are you, Rem? Welcome to the family.”

Tatiana was a medium-sized woman. She was about 163 centimeters tall; blonde, thick and straight hair; nice eyes and had a slender body. She had biceps but fitted her size and body type.

“Oh, this is Marybeth,” Tatiana said. “This is Dreyford, Randolph, and Rem, your batch mate. Befriend him, because he will be your partner for years.”

Rem smiled and a nodded.

Marybeth was also blonde, but she had huge eyes and tamed features. She also had this rosy cheeks that Rem immediately noticed since the very first day they met.

Two men carrying plates arrived and put them in front of the trainees. Rem smirked after seeing a few slices of carrots, mashed potato, and three capsules were served. The servers also put a glass of milk.

“Don’t worry Rem, this is just the meal before the morning exercises,” said Dreyford while smiling. “These are enough for us not to get hungry and at the same time, won’t be getting appendicitis.”

“After a few hours, we will be back here. And waiting for us is a feast,” said Randolph looking like a greedy gambling lord who saw millions of dollars.

“These capsules won’t make us hungry for hours. No matter how strenuous our training,” Tatiana added.

Rem dug through the plate, picked the capsules and took them along with milk.

“Have yourself some water Rem,” said Tatiana who pointed a water dispenser a few feet from the dining table.