Chapter V – The Training Camp

Rem, Vincent, and the two muscled men left the place immediately. But, they went down where a private plane was waiting for them. The kid in Rem again kicked in.

Rem rubbed a surface of the plane because he can’t believe that he was already facing the aircraft he can only see in books and TV. The door then opened and a ladder started to appear. They entered and again, he was fascinated.

The seats were first class, like those of spa featuring soft armrests. Beans were also everywhere. Rem took the seat beside the window. Then, they were on air.

“Mr. Heitzberg is one of the most respectable leaders ever,” said Vincent talking to Rem while having a foot massage. “His combat skills, despite his age are undeniably one the best in the Arkimans. He can shoot fast moving objects using his knives and he’s the only one who can throw four knives in between his fingers without missing the target.”

“And dude! He’s also one of the most brutal. He won’t hesitate to throw a knife at your neck if he is not pleased. None of us wanted to disobey him,” said Vincent. He paused and drank from his glass of champagne. “On the other hand, he is one of the most generous guys. Ironic isn’t it.”

Rem just stared to the window realizing that he was not in a good position. He wanted to live and survive. Therefore, he must obey.

During their flight, Rem was given with a whole lobster, bread, bottled juice and a cup of fruit salad. He just chowed down his meal as he was starving. His meal was quite delicious.

After an hour of flying, Rem suddenly realized that they were approaching a deserted island but filled with luscious greeneries. Basing on the approach of the aircraft, he thought there was some kind of an entrance.

Rem was right. They glided down and entered an opening through the forest, which was wide enough for the aircraft to pass. Moments later, a man-made entrance was revealed. The plane landed in a huge dome-like area that was bordered with metal. Rem again evaluated the place.

Vincent then approached an area of the dome. He touched something. It was a knob. He twitched it revealing a crystal-like surface. He laid his palm on it and a beep was heard. Then, a mild earthquake was felt giving way to an opening. A huge room was seen.

The place was a fully-lighted, dome-shaped room measuring about two hectares. It was heavily equipped with training and workout materials, which include hefty targets that will help the wildcats train and become stronger. Trainers, supervisors, and Arkiman leaders can watch the training of the wildcats through a special one-way mirror at the almost-above portion of the dome. Later, Rem saw that it also hosted a building that will serve as the trainers’ house.

“This will your house for quite some time, Rem,” said Vincent. “Jimmy and Dricks will help you out here.”

Now Rem knows that Jimmy is the semi-bald man.

“This whole island measures 14 hectares. Each part is designated for a new training ground to improve a part of your overall skills,” Vincent continued.

“This place is called the dome and it will serve as your primary training ground to improve your knife throwing skills and promote physical strength. This includes the gym, different types of the target area, the pantry, sleeping quarters, bath, and a lot more.

“You will stay in the dome for a few years.”

Rem was silent while evaluating the fantastic but intimidating place.

“Just outside the dome is called the field,” Vincent continued. “That place is designed to improve your speed. It features man-made terrains, plains, and boulders.”

“The forest will improve your survival skills and make most of the natural surroundings. That place is one of the most dreaded and your most rigorous training ground. There, you will be evaluated with the types of plants and animals that can make and break you. You will also be taught to look for water, food, and shelter.”

“The beach along with the forest will help you improve your bare-hand fighting skills, your ability to swim and fight in the water. There, you will have sparring times with highly skilled Arkiman members who will never show any mercy.”

“After you finished the training course. It will be up to us if you are ready with your task or not.”

“Your training starts as soon as possible, young master,” said Vincent. “But first, you can take a rest. The travel is quite tiring. These two will help you find an available room in the dormitory.”

Jimmy and Dricks led Rem to the room. After several steps, the door opened. Three men escorting the young lady he saw earlier entered. He noticed that she turned into a fierce-looking lady, which was way different from the sobbing vulnerable girl he saw a few hours ago. Vincent talked to the men and based on their actions, they already knew each other for a long time.

“Come on Rem, you have to take a rest,” said Jimmy while pulling him via his arm.

The dormitory area was located just inside the house along with pantry and living room. It was a 45 by 25 meters squared area composed of 20 rooms aligned in two columns. Rem entered the very first room to the left.

The room was only three meters squared and containing only a military cot bed with a pillow and a blanket, a sink with a faucet, small mirror on the wall and a small cabinet. Rem sat on the bed. He can’t help but become emotional thinking of the things that might happen to him. Tired and confused, he fell asleep.