Chapter LII – The Bloody Train (Day 7 and 8)

Full and needed to recuperate more, Rem lay down and closed his eyes. Marybeth crawled and lay beside him using his chest as her pillow. He responded by wrapping his left arm around her shoulder. Both of them fell asleep.

A few hours after, Rem and Marybeth were awakened by a howling of a speaker.

“End of Day 6; the conclusion is knocking. There is only one team stood with two players. Can they stand the odds or only one contender will emerge as a winner?

“A few actions, a love team and great survival skills are what we witnessed today. Only one wildcat honorably shed life today – he was Accer Holliander of The Cherkins on the hands of Rotche Del Rio of The Pachrees.

“Every one of you needed some supplies. We would love to provide some, but you must find it and only one can have that bag of supplies. Tomorrow morning, press on your wrist to see the map leading to those badly-needed materials. However, only from the Arkiman can search for it and it’s you, Mr. Burrows.

“End of the announcement.”

Rem looked at Marybeth and smiled.

“I’ll have to go,” said Rem. “We needed that supplies.”

“No, we don’t need it,” said Marybeth.

“No, I have to.”

“You’ll look for food, I’ll make medicine tomorrow and since all of the remaining wildcats are in search for it, this jungle is only for us. Stay here, please!”

Rem nodded.

“Let’s go back to sleep now,” said Rem.

Marybeth nodded.

Rem was awakened by footsteps below. He crawled and sneaked through. He sighed out of relief after seeing a honey badger. He told himself that he should be like that animal – fearless, strong and can easily adapt to the environment. After it went away, he went back to his place and slowly squeezed himself beside Marybeth. But, he was surprised when she twitched after he accidentally touched her hip… It was swollen. She was also burning and shaking.

Rem hugged her to give her some heat. For the rest of the hours, he didn’t sleep. He used to check his wrist if the map was already there. He decided to get supplies for Marybeth. He must take a risk because her infection was getting graver.

The moment the digital map appeared like a flashlight on Rem’s arm, he moved and followed the direction. The bag of supplies was located on top of the rocky area and he knew it was just a few kilometers away. He quickly walked and he was ready to fight just to get the supplies.

It took Rem an hour and a half to reach the area. His excitement was broken upon seeing Ivy Fernandez already climbing through the rocks. A few second he heard branches snapping and leaves crunching. It was Hakiki Freed and she was with Sahira Adavanza.

Right that moment, Rem ran through the rocks and applied the parkour and rock climbing skills he learned on the island. Hakiki tried to ran after him with her machete. However, he was too fast. He was already a few meters from the ground and throwing her weapon was just a waste. Seeing Hakiki failed, Sahira ran to the rocky mountain and climbed.

Ivy was shocked how Rem easily went through the rocky wall. He was like a professional rock climber climbing through the newbie slope. After reaching the top, he got confused seeing no bag of supplies. Rem checked his wrist, the map showed it wasquite near. He concluded that the bag was pitted in the soil. He picked his bolo and dug through. He chuckled while pulling the half-salient backpack.

Rem was destructed when Ivy and Hakiki just got to the top. A few more seconds, Sahira also appeared. The three ladies were looking at each other and from their faces, he knew that they will mob on him.

Rem completely pulled the bag and ran to the other side. He ran to the edge of the cliff facing the ocean. He knew that it was too deep. He jumped without any hesitation. The three, however, tried to follow and they also braved the height. Then, all four of them were already in the water. It was a co-incident that the three ladies were scattered around cornering Rem.

Rem knew that despite he’s a man, he won’t stand to three trained fighters… So, he dived and used his swimming skills his mentors taught him a few years ago. Below, he looked up and saw the three also diving in, which prompted him to swim fast through the water. He just bubbled them away.

Rem reached a part of the rocky mountain and minutes later, he’s already a few meters from the ocean. He left the three ladies. After reaching the top, he didn’t waste any time and went down to the forest to give Marybeth the medicines he needed.


Rem reached their hideout and immediately climbed the tree. He saw Marybeth sitting while covering her body with leaves. She gave him worried but relieved looks. He dropped the bag in front of Marybeth and gave her a hug.

Rem crawled to the bag and inspected it. There were some foods that they can’t consume because they were already wet. However, the medicines were all ok. He took the capsules that can help Marybeth, opened a bottled water, and handed it to her.

Marybeth just took it. After taking the medicines, she lay down and sighed deeply while her eyes closed. Rem felt that she was sulking because he left.

“I always keep my promises. Not just to you, but to Randolph as well,” said Rem. “I won’t die here; so as you. Just take a rest and let me take care of you… I love you,” said Rem before jumping from the branch to the ground.

Marybeth looked down and saw Rem walking. She realized he was right.

Rem looked for a wild animal for food. He was lucky enough to see a nest in a tree. He climbed and punched the air after seeing four large eggs.

Rem assumed Marybeth was still sleeping. So, he made a small fire a few meters from their hideout to prevent other wildcats from suspecting to where they are hiding. He used a flat rock on top of a fire to make a scrambled egg.

After he finished cooking the eggs, Rem covered the fire with soil and dried leaves making sure that there are no marks. He quickly climbed to their hiding place and woke Marybeth up for them to have lunch. She was delighted with the herb-filled scrambled eggs. They both enjoyed the meal.

Marybeth agreed to Rem that they will just stay on top until she was fully recovered. Rem volunteered in looking for their food.

For lunch, Rem picked wild berries.

While looking for something to eat for their supper, Rem stumbled with an unusual meal. He found hard times preparing it.

Marybeth was already worried because it was already dark. When she heard footsteps she looked down and chuckled seeing him carrying a huge barbecue – a six-foot long skewered snake.

Rem laid the large meat in front of Marybeth, Indian sat, and started to strip some flesh and ate. Marybeth smiled and did the same. He thought the meat was tasty but rubbery.

“All right, now?” Rem asked.

“Never been so better,” Marybeth replied. “I’m ready for tomorrow.”

Rem and Marybeth continued talking of general things that they can do after they got out the arena as if he was already tasting the victory. They set their plans of marrying each other and having kids; both of them agreed on using a large portion of their money for the poor.

“This is the end of your 7th day. The arena will be cut down to eliminate space as we now come to an end. Ivy Fernandez of the Cripplers had fallen in the hands of Hakiki Freed of Scrisms and Sahira Adavanza of Bamblucks.

“The spectators, especially the investors are getting bored. We are expecting much from you guys! End of announcement.”


“We are now reaching the end,” said Marybeth.

“Yeah! Few more moves and we’ll win. We are the only team left,” said Rem.

“What do you suggest?”

“We hunt them down?”

“Much better. We have the advantage. I feel very much better now and how about we start hunting them tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, we’ll win. So, as of now, we needed to rest, because we’ll have a long hunting to do a few hours now,” said Rem giving Marybeth a kiss on her forehead.

She lay down. He did the same.