Chapter LI – The Bloody Train (Day 6)

A few hours of sleeping, Rem woke up. He saw Marybeth still mixing the leaves. She was just using the dim light from the moon that was passing through the calm waterfall.

“Not yet done?” Rem asked.

“In a couple of minutes,” Marybeth replied.

Marybeth stood and washed her hands through the running water. She returned and started measuring another thick liquid and from the smell alone, Rem knew it was another disgusting material.

Marybeth walked to where Rem was. She’s carrying two bamboo mugs. He smiled hilariously looking like a seven-year-old kid who knew he’s going to be given with a bitter medicine.

“Vitaglup?” Rem asked showing disgusted looks.

“Yup,” Marybeth proudly replied.

“It doesn’t smell good. But, I know it’s good for me. So, cheer!”

The two toast before taking the concoction. Both looked at each other and controlled their laughs because of their constipated looks on their faces. After finishing their cups, both laughed hard and started to make fun of each other. The fun was stopped after a howl coming from a speaker was heard.

“Day 5 is coming to an end! Well done wildcats, everybody in Grothlins would like to congratulate everyone for a great fight and making this far. However, great fighters have fallen.

“Shane of The Cripplers was outdone by Marybeth of The Arkimans; Azuki of The Espies passed because of Brandon Rainhorn of The Goliaths; Pitrus of The Scrisms died with the might of Anthony AlPher of The Pachrees; And… Anthony, Brandon, and Pleigh of The Bamblucks met their ends, impressively by Rem Burrows of the Arkimans.

“Announcement will be as soon as possible.”

Marybeth looked at Rem with a confused look. He just smiled showing all his teeth. However, he was not proud of what he has done; he was just forced to do it.

“You are awesome,” said Rem.

“No. You are,” said Marybeth. “You took on three strong men, including one from the Pachrees. How’d you do it?”

Rem hesitated to tell Marybeth. However, she was persistent, prompting him to tell her the stories from the moment he fought Matilda until she found him. All throughout the story telling, she was impressed with the wits.

Marybeth only noticed that Rem started to look tired and sleepy. So, she asked him to sleep. She said that she will also sleep, but decided to only take constant naps because she wanted to look after him and their hideout.

During the dawn, Marybeth woke Rem up because she wanted him to see the beautiful reflection of the sun as it passed through the running water. It was indeed beautiful.

Rem was impressed with the medicine made by Marybeth. His shoulders, arms, neck, and chest were doing well and despite his legs still ache, he can already walk. However, she checked him and decided that they should still be staying there for a day so he can fully recover. He followed her.


In one turning point, Rem noticed that he can now easily see what’s outside.

“Outside… It’s becoming clearer,” said Rem.

Marybeth looked and from her looks, she agreed.

“I think the water is drying out,” said Rem.

“Water won’t dry that easily,” said Marybeth.

“Unless someone wanted us to go out,” she added while picking their things. “We needed to abandon this place. We will be exposed here anytime now.”

Rem nodded and prepared.

Marybeth tied their bags containing their supplies and instructed Rem to immediately follow her. She then rappelled up. He did what she wanted to do. He followed her immediately after she moved the rope up and down.

Right after he went up, they walked to the forest to look for shelter and along the way, Rem and Marybeth stumbled with edible plants and picked them for their food. Hours of walking, they found a tree that can accommodate the two of them.

Rem volunteered to fix their shelter. Marybeth, on the other hand, walked to look for wild animals that they can catch for supper. She returned carrying only fruits and vegetables. By that time, he was alrady done with the bed.

Rem made a thick bed that was made from branch crowns that were perfectly disguised like an ordinary group of leaves. If she didn’t know that he was not on top, she will think that it was just an ordinary branch of a tree.

“Well, what’d you think?” asked Rem after Marybeth reached him.

“It’s ok. Not ugly, not pretty…” Marybeth replied.

“Ok? I’ve worked for this for almost an hour while nursing an injury and you’ll say it’s ok?” Rem said throwing leaves to her.

“Alright, I’m just joking. It’s impressive,” she said while removing the leaves. “Anyway, I already have some things for our supper. I didn’t find any wild animals, but I found some,” she added while dropping her harvest on a plate-size leaf.

“Awesome,” said Rem while picking a berry and putting it in his mouth. “Hmm… This one’s delicious.”

“I have a surprise for you,” said Marybeth. “Close your eyes darling!”

Rem obliged.

“Alright, open your eyes now!”

Rem opened his eyes and he saw weirdly-shaped marbles.

“A gum tree sap… Great!” said Rem smiling but obviously confused. “This will be very good for energy.”

“Uh, uh, uh,” said Marybeth showing her pointing finger. “Not yet finished.”

She then picked a holed coconut shell from her back and using her both hands she brought it near his face. Rem’s face turned into a happy kid presented with a new toy.

“Oh my goodness, honey!” said Rem dipping his pinky. “I love honey!” he added and then immediately put it in his mouth.

“This is one of best-tasting honey, I had,” Rem exclaimed.

Marybeth looked at him while smiling. Seconds later, she turned teary eyes.

“What?” asked Rem after seeing her getting emotional.

“Nothing, I know it’s your favorite, that’s why I tried to get them,” she replied and burst into tears. “I got that honey, so in case I didn’t make it, I can still see your awesome smile for the last time. Sorry, if I’m becoming negative. I’m just stating possibilities.”

“Thank you!” said Rem. She gave her a tight hug. “I know what you are thinking. I can also feel it. I’m also afraid. But, as long as we’re together, nothing can destroy us. Especially now that we are the only remaining team.”

Rem released, held her chin using his left hand and then, they kissed passionately.

Meanwhile, in the Grothlins area, everyone was getting hooked with the love team of Rem and Marybeth. Most of them, even those coming from the other team were wishing for them to win.

Marybeth was the first to stop. She picked the gum tree sap.

“This and this will make a great snack,” said Marybeth referring to the sap and honey.

She used a knife to cut through the dried sap, dipped it in honey and put it in her mouth. She showed Rem a thumb up. He also did it and he loved it. The chewy sap is just like ordinary gum, but richer in flavor because of the honey.

The two then spent their night chewing on the sweet sap while lying on their improvised bed. None worried of getting busted. They only wanted to feel each other’s warmth.