Chapter L – Sleep Well

Rem smiled after hearing footsteps coming from his back. He knew his time came. He was just hoping that the person who will kill him will make it quick so he won’t feel pain anymore.

However, he was wrong.

“It’s you, you are alive,” a voice was heard. The footsteps became faster. The person was obviously rushing. He heard the crunching of the dried leaves clearly. A palm was laid on his cheek. The heat coming from the palm made Rem to look up. He cried like a baby.

“Marybeth, I found you. We found each other,” said Rem crying while trying to get up.

“No, sweetheart, don’t get up. Your injuries are bad. We needed to nurse them.”

Rem doesn’t have more energy. So, he just gave in. Marybeth pulled him to the side, let him drink water and cleaned his wounds. She then laid his head on her lap.

“Take a rest Rem, you badly need it,” said Marybeth.

“We should get out of here,” said Rem. “Some more wildcats might pass.”

“No more words Rem, just follow what I say,” said Marybeth who gave him a kiss on his lips.

Rem closed his eyes. The assurance that Marybeth was alive removed the pains and stress. He immediately fell asleep. He never had the idea of what happened after.


Rem felt that he’s being swayed and when he opened his eyes, he found that his chin was resting on Marybeth’s left shoulder. She was giving him a piggy back ride.

“No! Put me down,” said Rem, who broke through. They fell.

“Oh, come one, let’s work as a team,” said Marybeth.

“I can walk, don’t mind me.”

Rem then tried to get up, but he can’t. His injuries were prohibiting him.

“See? You needed help. As your partner here and girlfriend, let me give it to you, please!” Marybeth said while squatting down to offer her back.

Rem breathed deeply and gave in. He put his wrist over Marybeth’s shoulder and just let her carry him. He felt comfortable and just let his head rest.

“I’ve been looking all over for you,” said Rem.

“Me too,” Marybeth replied.

“How’d you find me?”

“I actually don’t have the idea that the scream was yours.”

“Scream? It’s not me… I think that was Anthony AlPher’s.”

“So, you beat Anthony?”

“Yeah,” said Rem nodding. “I almost died fighting him. We were allies yesterday and then, we’re enemies. We even teamed up against Pleigh and Pitrus.”

“So, Pleigh and Pitrus were dead now.”


“Oh, my!”

“Anthony actually tried to poison me. I just smelled the hemlock. So, I have no choice but to fight.”

“Shane too… We were together for a day and then she went crazy.”

“Shane Madahara… I’m not surprised.”


“She and Ivy Fernandez are not that friendly.”

Rem intended to start the conversation because he knew Marybeth was struggling to carry him. They continued talking until the reach the end of a stream, which was a waterfall that was about eight meters tall.

“Let’s rest here for a few minutes and I’ll show you my hiding place,” said Marybeth.


Marybeth walked straight to the stream and drank water. She also pulled a rope hidden among the rocks. She went back to Rem carrying a leaf and let him took a sip. A few more minutes, Marybeth asked Rem to cling to her again. He just obliged.

“Hold on my love, this will be a short rappel,” said Marybeth while preparing herself to go down. Rem worried but his trust to her was overpowering. So she let her.

Indeed, it was just a short rappel to the side of the fall. It was revealed that she was staying in a cave that is covered by the falling water. The place was 2 meters long and 2 meters wide that was alright for the two of them.

Unable to get a grip because of the weight she carries, Marybeth just released the rope sending the two of them down. She apologized. Rem laughed.

“Charaaan! This is my home.”

“Wow, this is great,” Rem said. “How did you find it?”

“I don’t know. Something’s telling me that I should check this fall and then, I found this. Not too cozy but enough to keep me from my enemies’ sight.”

“How about at night?”

“Cold… But, fetal position helps, especially with those leaves.”

“Now we’re together, we can share our heat.”

Marybeth asked Rem to eat the edible leaves and fruits she stock noting that he needed to regain his energy. Explaining the gravity of his injuries, she also let him know that she will look for medicinal plants for him.

“No, just stay here. I’ll regain my strength anytime. Don’t endanger your life. We just reunited,” said Rem.

“No. I have to. I know a formula that can speed up your healing. Your wounds and other injuries, it will take time for them to heal. With my formula, your healing will fasten for more than a thousand times. We have to take risks so when you are well, it will be a sure win for us.”

Rem tightened his grab on Marybeth’s arm. But, she broke off, leaving him with no choice but wait.

“Stay here, please. Let me show you I’m worthy,” said Marybeth.

“Be careful and stay hidden,” Rem said.

She nodded.

Rem was left alone and feeling useless. However, he had no choice. He had faith in Marybeth but he can’t help but feel negative. He just promised himself that when he gets better, he’ll do everything to win with Marybeth.

Rem fell asleep.


Rem woke up and started to worry because Marybeth had yet to come back. He tried to get up, but his injuries were indeed prohibiting from doing even the simplest tasks. He cried out of frustration.

Rem knew crying and tantrums were pointless. He realized that he also had to help himself recover. So, he crawled to the food and ate some. He appreciated every bite he made like he had not eaten for days. Full, his body started to command that he needed to sleep. He can’t fight it. His eyelids became heavier.

While sleeping, Rem felt and heard something that immediately sent adrenaline to his body. He twitched and crawled to his bag to get some daggers. Also along with his bolo, he waited for the person to appear.

“You came back,” said Rem. He started to become emotional.

Marybeth hugged Rem and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“Of course I will come back,” said Rem.

She then turned her back on Rem and dropped the leaves she harvested.

“You didn’t encounter anyone outside?”

“Nope, I just stayed hidden. I don’t want to fight, especially now that I have a reason to stay alive,” she said to Rem with a wink. “Just stay put and I already have all the plants I needed for my own formula. I also have some for vitaglup.”

However, Rem saw blood on her left hip and the wound was big.

“What’s that?” asked Rem.


“That blood. On your side.”

“It’s nothing…”

“Oh, come on. Marybeth, you came back, alive. Just tell me the truth.”

Marybeth didn’t say a word. Rem silently crawled and when he reached Marybeth, he looked at it closely.

“Accer, right?” asked Rem. “You encountered him.”

“It’s not important anymore,” said Marybeth.

“Please tell me the truth. You’re making me feel more helpless.”

Marybeth sighed.

“Yes. But, it’s Ivy. We had a one on one battle. She hit me with her ax but I also able to stab her and threw her in the low cliff and able to flee.”

Rem lay on the floor near Marybeth. He watched her continue juicing the plants for the medicine.

“Can I clean your wound?”

Marybeth ignored him. Rem crawled to reach his bag and cut a piece of cloth. He then crawled into the running water, washed it and back to Marybeth.

“It’s deep,” said Rem.

“I know. That’s why I’ll also drink some of this concoction.”

Rem went back and forth until the wound was completely cleaned. A few minutes after, Marybeth gave him a mug made of bamboo. He checked it and he was grossed by the blackish green concoction.

“Nice presentation,” said Rem.

“Thank you!” Marybeth replied.

“But, this is not a too appealing drink.”

“Just drink it. It’s good for you.”

With disgust look, Rem gulped the thick liquid and right the very moment it reached his tongue, he wanted to shout. The taste was a combination of bitter, acrid, spicy and stench. As much as he wanted to throw up, he can’t, because Marybeth pushed the base of the wooden mug to prevent him from dropping it.

“Continue… Don’t waste a single drop, because it’s the measurement for you,” said Marybeth.

“What is that taste?” Rem asked.

“Combination-of-herbs-that-will-help-you-recuperate,” Marybeth said chuckling. Rem also chuckled.

“How about you?”

“I’ve already taken some.”

Marybeth picked some leaves and wiped it inside the bamboo mug and slowly gave it to Rem. She’s like a mother of a two-year-old during meal time.

“Eat this. You must drink at least 92% of the total measurement so it will be very effective,” said Marybeth.

Rem picked the leaves using mouth but before chewing, he gave Marybeth’s hand a kiss. She smiled and continued sorting the leaves.

“You should be sleeping, darling. After you wake up, you’ll feel rejuvenated,” Marybeth said.

Rem obliged.