Chapter IX – Knife Throwing

Rem was getting entertained by the foolishness of the three. They were like high school students who used to play with each other. Randolph was definitely the comedian of the group.

After about an hour and a half, some of the bouncers entered the living room and asked them to continue with the training. The three, without objection, stood, wore their shoes and walked outside.

Dricks and Jimmy were walking behind Rem, who was following the three older trainees. Dricks then put his hand on his shoulder.

“You and Marybeth will train on the other side,” said Dricks.

Rem and Marybeth walked along with their escorts to the opposite direction. They stopped in the area near the place where the tire flipping was held.

The area was small. It’s about 12 meters squared and composed of six cubicles that were about two meters squared each; they were separated by walls. In front of them were different types of targets. Two men in dark green shirt and a pair of camouflage pants were waiting for them along with Stemper. They were standing at parade rest while Stemper was smiling at them.

“Ok soldiers,” said Stemper. “These are my assistants Jonathan Cooney and Alvarez Jones. They will be in charge of helping you with your basic knife throwing skills.”

Jonathan and Alvarez were both tall, white, and having blonde curly hairs that were still noticeable despite they have army haircuts.

“Alright, gentlemen. As you wish.”

The men then walked to their corresponding mentee. Jonathan went directly to Rem.

“Alright Rem, I am Jonathan and I am pleased to become your mentor. Will you please follow me?” said Jonathan.

Rem felt a breath of fresh air. Jonathan was polite and quite calm. He also used smiled while showing him where to go.

Rem and Jonathan went to the very first cubicle. There, he was surprised with the hefty daggers on the table. Despite he was quite amused, his face remained expressionless. He wanted to touch the daggers but he opted to just wait for his mentor.

Jonathan picked a knife.

“This is called the Liberian iron dagger. This is a replica of one of the earliest weapon created by humans. It was believed created during the 5th century,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan explained the daggers one by one, where did they come from and who used them. His knowledge with the daggers was amazing. Rem’s ears were with him as he talked.

“This one is the double-bladed Swazoki knife. This is one of the most modern fighting knives and can only be seen here. So you are lucky,” said Jonathan while showing a black knife that was about 10 inches long. The blade was six inches with other side wasn’t completely sharpened; there was a part intended to have teeth to work as a saw.

“This is made from 95% rhodium, one of the most expensive metals in the world. The 5% are different types of chemicals to make it 100% stainless and won’t dull for centuries.”

Rem held the Swazoki knife and got mesmerized. It was shiny, sharp, but quite light. The handle was made from rubber that gripped well to his hand.

“Amazing isn’t it?” said Jonathan who was half-smiling. “That is also my favorite knife.”

“Ok Rem, you can have that knife,” said Jonathan referring to the Swazoki. He then revealed another knife from his pocket. They were holding the same.

“For beginners like you, the best way to hold the knife is by the handle and with ‘ok’ sign,” said Jonathan while showing Rem the holding position. He then faced the target. “But, as time goes by, I will also teach you other ways to hold the knife.”

“If you’ll throw, your left foot should be a step forward, try to make your body like letter ‘C’ and throw,” added Jonathan who threw the knife… He hit the bullseye.

“Try it, Rem.”

Rem tried what Jonathan did. He was able to throw the knife and hit the side most part of the target. The knife wasn’t completely pierced. In a few seconds, it fell.

Jonathan smiled and gave Rem another knife. This time it’s a balanced dagger.

“It’s ok Rem. Nice try,” said Jonathan who was still smiling at him. “Swazoki is actually for experts. For beginners like you, this type of dagger is perfect.”

“For you to add more power get the strength from here,” said the military man as he touched Rem’s left leg. “Then transfer the force to your abdomen, chest and give a snapping wrist action. Your arm shouldn’t swing on top on your shoulders, it should be a little on the side,” he added while helping him with his posture.

“Alright, try it again!”

Rem gave another shot following what his instructor said. This time the knife buried heavily to the wooden target. However, it was still far from the center of the target.

“There you go Rem, very nice,” said Jonathan giving Rem a tap on his shoulder.

“Now, you can release the knife whenever you wanted. What you did is that you released it after your hand pointed at the target. It’s ok. You’ll perfect that method anytime soon. But, the best way is to release the knife earlier before your hand pointed at your target. I recommend that you release the knife once your hand is on top of your head.”

“Got me, Rem?” Jonathan said while he handed Rem with another dagger.

Rem nodded. He took a deep breath and did all the reminders Jonathan gave him. He aimed and fired. Then, the dagger landed nearer the bullseye. Jonathan smiled and made single, but loud clap.

“There you go, buddy!” said Jonathan who positioned Rem to face him. “Remember that knife throwing depends on where you are comfortable. But you shouldn’t just rely on the power of your arms. Always use your full body.”

“I’ll leave for a while, great guy,” said Jonathan. “You can do some shots. But use balanced daggers.”

“Oh! One more thing, always concentrate this on the target. This must be your most powerful aide,” said Jonathan pointing on Rem’s head. He then left.

Rem took another dagger and estimated his position.

“The distance between me and my target is less than 20 feet,” said Rem to himself. “I tried my full power earlier. So, as of now, I can only reach enemies 20 feet away from me.”

Rem threw the knife and this time to a separate target. He again almost hit the bullseye. He then tried experimenting with different types of knives, position, swing and angles using his full body to release power. He was happy knowing he’s finding momentum. After about 15 minutes, Jonathan went back and this time, he was with Stemper.

“Alright Rem, can you show me some moves?” Stemper said while crossing arms. “Hit that rounded board just in front of you.”

Rem then took a dagger, focused on the target, made a full swing and released. He was surprised and made short laugh when he hit right into the bullseye. Stemper just left the cubicle without saying a word.

“Woah! How’d you do that?” said an excited Jonathan who gave him a light elbow strike. “That. Was. Amazing!”

“I just did what you said,” Rem said who also can’t believe that he hit the bullseye. “I did the full body swing and concentrated my mind to the target.”

“Your time isn’t finished yet, but that’s all for today Rem. Just make some shots,” said Jonathan.

Rem picked daggers and tried for several shots. He was always close to the bullseye and every time he hit the center, Jonathan will react. He was already enjoying his lessons. He even used all the knives on the table prompting him and Jonathan to pick all knives in the target area.

“Rem, the lesson’s over,” said a man while Rem was throwing the knives. They were prompted to look. It was Dricks. “Come on dude, it’s time to rest. You need it.”

Rem nodded at Jonathan. The mentor nodded back.


Rem and Marybeth were asked to stay in the living room where the three were also taking rests. All of them were fooling around while lying on bean bags.

Rem let himself fall on the couch. He sighed, which was loud enough to capture the attention of the three. Tatiana then asked Marybeth, how the training went. She complained that she found hard times dealing with knives.

“When we were new here, we all struggled. That’s part of becoming a great Arkiman, Marybeth,” said Tatiana acting like a big sister comforting her younger sister who failed an examination.

“Rem how about you? How’s training?” Tatiana asked.

Rem didn’t speak. He just showed a thumb’s up. Tatiana smiled and turned back to Marybeth

“Take a rest now sweetie. You can take a nap and later, we will eat again!” said Tatiana who went back laying.

Marybeth laid on the small couch using the armrest as her pillow. Rem, on the other hand, remained silent. Though his eyes were closed, he was actually imagining himself as a knife sharp shooter. He was looking forward to the next days of training. He fell asleep.