Chapter IV – The Arkimans

Rem was surprised because they didn’t go down. One of his escorts pressed the elevator button going to the roof. Again, he knew he doesn’t have chances of escaping.

The roof showed nothing but a tall barricade made of barbed wires. With the huge marking on the floor, Rem knew they will fly.

Rem was correct. After a few minutes, the air started to blow hard and above was a fast approaching helicopter. It landed right on the helipad. The men pushed him and within few seconds they were already inside. The aircraft flew.

Rem can’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty from above. Since it’s his first time to ride a helicopter and see things from above, he showed kiddie expressions while leaning on the glass.

“Beautiful isn’t it,” said Vincent.

Rem realized that he shouldn’t be doing such things. He changed his mood.

“This is the first I saw the city in this kind of angle. Very pretty!” said Rem with a very calm and deep voice.

All through their flight, Rem didn’t budge from leaning on the glass. However, he was mindful of his expressions thinking he can outsmart them. After 30 minutes, the helicopter landed on another building. The establishment was shorter, but almost the same width as the first one. Vincent nodded to Rem and then to his escorts saying asking them to alight from the aircraft.

“Hey there ladies,” said Vincent to the two beautiful women, who were waiting for them just a few meters from the helipad. “This is our master, Rem.”

The two ladies smiled and nodded at Rem. They walked with them along the hallway of the penthouse. As they entered, he was dazzled by its architecture. The overall appearance was considered of the Baroque period where poles and walls show exaggerated accents. Vines were obviously grown to give some opulent décor to the hall. Statues were also huge. He knew this was no ordinary building.

As they reached the end of the hallway, the two ladies opened a door exposing a much more extravagant room. Golden statues, fountains, and torches were inside. A man was waiting for them at the other end of the room. The group walked to where he was standing. The muscled men took a bow and sat in front of the table while the two ladies walked to the both sides of the man.

“Master this is Rem, your most faithful servant,” said Vincent.

He was a tall guy, probably of his late 40s. His hair was already turning white, but still well-combed. He was wearing a simple suit and tie, but his finger was adorned with huge stone-clumping rings. As he smiled, Rem noticed a golden tooth.

“Good to see you, Rem,” he said. “I am Lowell Heitzberg, the head of the Arkimans, and I am looking forward to your services.”

Rem didn’t know what to say, so he just nodded to the man and showed a half-smile. Heitzberg nodded back.

“The Arkimans is a group of highly skilled people, in combat specifically,” said the smiling Heitzberg with his eyes closed. “For you to become a great Arkiman you must train hard and when the right time comes, you will be brought to your own task.”

“A task is tantamount to financial freedom that the rest of the world wanted to have,” the man added. “Everyone here is honored to help you in achieving that kind of status.”

Heitzberg continued and gave Rem some light about how he achieved his combat skills and definitely, a brief warning of the things he can do. He talked for several minutes and when he’s done silence filled the air.

“Vincent,” said Heitzberg. “It’s time for you to go.”

“Yes your highness,” replied Vincent and he was obviously scared.

“It’s time!” said Vincent to Rem in a hurried manner.