Chapter III – The Hypnotism

“Hey you handsome it’s time to wake up,” a voice of a man was suddenly heard by the half-asleep Rem. A foot was also shaking him. He was still weak with the struggling he did with his abductors.

“Where am I?” asked Rem.

“You are in a place that you will surely love!” the man said who also removed his blindfold. He laughed as he left the room.

Rem, with blurred eyesight, tried to evaluate the room.

“This room is about five meters squared,” said Rem thinking he had no chances of escaping. So, his first plan was to cooperate.

“Hey little dude, here’s your meal. Go and help yourself; because later we will have a long day,” said the tall, blonde and white man while giving him a plate. He instantly left the room and locked the door.

Rem’s meal was composed sliced roast beef, mashed potato, string beans and a glass of milk.

“The door has no knob, I have no chance of opening this,” Rem took note.

Tired, weak, stressed, hungry, and knowing that his abductors wanted something from him, Rem thought the food was safe. He munched on the plate. A few more minutes, the man came back.

“Hey kid, get up and take a bath,” the man said, throwing him a set of clothes.

“Where am I and what do you want from me?” Rem asked. “If you want money, you might be mistaken. My mother and father are both helpers.”

“That’s why we got you. We know you guys have nothing to say,” the man replied pulling him. “And as I said, you are in a place that you will surely love.”

“Take a bath, no more questions and make it quick. We are getting late with your appointment,” the man added as he pushed Rem outside the room and to the bathroom.

Rem evaluated the bathroom. It has no lock, no windows and only three meters long. Again, he said to himself, he had no chance to escape. He just took a shower while formulating plans of escaping.

After 10 minutes, the man entered the bathroom.

“I told you to make it quick. I am giving you a minute to have those stupid clothes on or you will go outside… naked!” he said. Irritation was felt on his voice.

Rem followed him. After a minute, he came out.

Outside the bathroom were two muscled guys looking at him. One stood about 179 centimeters and with semi-bald dark brown hair. He was about 35 years of age. His face was oval, pointed nose, thick eyebrows, and a goatee. The other one was about 183 centimeters, completely bald, pointed nose, too bulky to a point of losing his neck. He also had this piercing at his left eyebrow while his arms were covered with tattoo. One of the guys signaled to Rem asking him to come and follow. Outside was a car.

“10 meters,” Rem said referring to his distance to the car. He evaluated the lawn for a chance of escaping. “8 meters to the left, 10 meters to the right and with my current speed, I can run to the wall for 3 seconds. I can’t climb that three meters wall. No chances!”

The two big men sandwiched Rem in the backseat of the car. The man he met in the room took the driver’s seat.

“Are you ready ‘boy of a few words?'” asked the driver.

“Rem. My name is Rem Burrows. Can you please tell me what do you want from me? I am willing to cooperate,” said Rem who just showed his usual self.

“Whooa! Are we just lucky?” One of the muscled men said. “This boy speaks like a grown-up man.”

“We are definitely lucky,” the driver responded as he twitched the key to run the engine.

That was the moment Rem realized that this had nothing to do with what he achieved. He had to cooperate and then find the ways to escape.

While traveling, Rem tried to locate where he was… he had no idea. The place was far different from where he grew. Having the photographic memory, he had never been in the place.

The car stopped in front of a tall building. The men alighted with the other one pushing Rem to get out of the car. Again, the muscled men sandwiched him as they enter the enormous establishment.

The place was weird. People were rich but very showy. Women have fancy, colorful coats obviously wanted to be different from one another. Thick gold necklaces, diamond rings, and other precious stones were noticeably present. Most men, on the other hand, were wearing a tuxedo with some were flaunting their cane with a crystal handle. Some men had golden teeth.

“What place is this?” Rem asked to one of the muscled guys.

“This is a place where everybody wanted to be in,” he replied.

“Not everyone. I don’t,” Rem said to himself.

Rem and his escorts took an elevator and stopped at the 107th floor. The door opened revealing a wide, dark, and weird-looking room reminding him of a theater. He and the man sat just near the lift while the driver entered a room to the left. Through the glass of that room, the man was seen talking with another man.

The elevator opened again. It revealed another three men escorting a young lady. She was obviously scared. She was still sobbing. Rem looked at the young lady and he knew she was just his age. Their eyes met. He smiled at her. She looked away.

One of the men escorting the young lady entered the same room to the left. The three men inside were obviously arguing. After a few minutes, the two went out. The man escorting Rem pulled him.

“Come! We should be starting now,” said the guy.

Moments later they were in a room that looks like a small clinic.

“Lay him there,” said a black woman pointing to a small bed like those of a dental clinic.

The woman, who was wearing a white coat, stood about 1.60 meters. She had kinky hair, pouty lips and wearing a pair of thick eyeglasses.

Rem was pushed to the bed hard enough to lay him on it. The man then strapped his arms, legs, and body. The lights were turned off leaving a dim light from the lampshade just beside the bed. During that moment, he wanted to cry out of fear.

Rem then smelled a rosy scent that made him a bit relaxed.

“You must leave now,” said the woman.

The man, not saying any word, left the room.

“What is your name?” asked the woman.

“Rem. Rem Burrows,” Rem replied. “I don’t know what’s hap….”

“Ssshhh,” said the woman covering his mouth with her left pointing finger. “Just listen to what I say. I won’t hurt you. None of us will…”

The woman then played a soft instrumental music and along with the scent, Rem felt quite relaxed. The thoughts on his mind suddenly disappear with his eyes wanted to close. His brain wanted him to sleep.

“Now listen,” said the woman with now a very soft, but a commanding voice. It forced Rem to follow whatever the voice said.

“I’ve read it with one of my detective books,” Rem said to himself. “It’s hypnotism. She’s trying to control me.”

Rem doesn’t want to listen, but the voice was too powerful to resist. Every word the woman said was being absorbed by his brain. He then tried to fight physically, but he can’t. He was tied.

Rem hadn’t tried it, but he knew it existed… He will try to counter the woman’s voice with his voice. He will try self-hypnotism.

“You are an orphan,” said the woman.

“No, you are born with Rona and Justin Burrows and you have a sister named Angela,” Rem said to himself making his breathing heavier. But, since nothing was changed, he thought he had to continue.

“You don’t have family and was given another chance by the Arkimans. And you are willing to return the favor by serving them,” the voice said.

“No. You will only live with them and if there’s a chance of escaping, you will. You will soon be reunited with your parents.”

Whatever the woman said, Rem will tell himself the opposite. He used all his remaining strength to fight the power of the voice.

Then, the session was finished. He knew he was successful because he didn’t feel anything new. He still knew who his parents were and his promises to Angela. He can still remember everything.

Exhausted after fighting with his mind, Rem felt he will pass out. But, the unstrapping noise and movement woke him up. The next thing he knew, the woman was already guiding him to be seated.

“What do you feel Rem?” asked the woman.

“I feel something new,” Rem replied.

“Good!” the woman said smiling.

The woman then walked to the room and obviously having a conversation with someone outside. Moments later, the same man entered the room.

“Come, Rem. You still have to fulfill your task,” said the man who turned calm. “My name is Vincent and I will help with your vow. Quick! We have lots of things to do.”

After leaving the room, Rem noticed that the two muscled men also changed their facial expressions to a calm and friendly manner. He knew that they thought he was under a spell but he wasn’t. They’ve been fooled.

They headed to the elevator. Before the elevator closed, Rem got a glimpse of the girl he saw earlier. She was entering the same hypnotism room.

“What’s my first task?” asked Rem who tried to make his voice tough.

“Young master, you will first train. You will have to make yourself strong first to fulfill your vow! You can’t do it if you are weak,” said Vincent.

“I’m ready! I’m willing to serve!” Rem replied.