Chapter II – The Bloody Train

The Grothlins was an underground group of people who succumbed to power, greed, money, and people control. They were into illegal drugs, money laundering, murder, and many illegal activities.

The United Peace Council (UPC) described The Grothlins as the “most gruesome of the most gruesome.”

The Grothlins will select children randomly from poor families across the six continents. They will be kidnapped to undergo hypnotism to know nothing but to follow, kill and win. Soon, they will be trained under a group with specialized skills for several years to become one of them. Some will even train to become a wildcat, who were tasked with entering battlefield for the game called “The Bloody Train.”

“The Bloody Train” was an entertainment created to settle disagreement as to which sub-team was the strongest. Representatives will go inside an arena to fight until a team remained.

Rem was, unfortunately, one of those kidnapped children.

The place where the wildcats will fight was called “The Battlefield.” It’s a 2,000-hectare land that will be molded by 10,000 workers within a year. The environment was a complete nature. There will be water, jungle, land, grass, mountains and rocky terrains all in one. There, wildcats can catch animals for food, look for fresh water, set camps, create traps and ambush other wildcats. It will become smaller as the game progresses.

Rem was abducted by the “Arkimans,” a group using knives and brains during the battle. The group was known to develop wildcats who can master the art of camouflage, stalking, making traps and getting most of the environment. One winner coming from the group set an almost invisible trap that decapitated four wildcats in one snap.

The other groups were: “The Goliaths,” known to develop wildcats that used mace in the game. They were the most brutal; “The Pachrees,” known to train wildcats with physical fights like karate, wrestling, etc. They have the most number of wins; “The Cherkins,” who used to train wildcats with an ax. They were known to be deceptive; The “Scrisms,” who train an entry using speed and a machete. Wildcats coming from this group were known to run after weaker enemies and ambush the stronger ones; “The Bamblucks” who train spear users to fight; “The Espies” who use bow and arrow to train their wildcats. They were known to form an alliance with the strongest team; and “The Cripplers” who train wildcats with a sword. They were known to choose female wildcats.

Every year, 16 wildcats – two from each team – will battle until the end for the pleasure of the rich. Each wildcat can only bring one weapon. Teams can send a male and a female or two female wildcats in the arena. A team will be automatically declared as the winner if two survived, but usually, it didn’t happen. Mostly, a single representative withstood the tight competition.

During the battle, members of Grothlins from around the world can watch via a livestream. Every time wildcats face each other, an automatic bidding will be raised where all Grothlins can join to choose who will win the face-off. Bidding will most of the time worth of billions of dollars.