Chapter I – The Far Future Setup

At the start of the year 15000, the world was modern to one can imagine — hi-tech cars, robots, and much more. The rich was still be powerful, the poor remained powerless. The poor can still become rich, but the rich will always become richer. The government still existed providing rules and regulations in favor of the rich. There were still police, investigators, judges to promote peace and harmony. But, due to the fact that money became the most important entity, the powerful will tomorrow become more powerful.

Rembrandt “Rem” Jarel Burrows was born in the year 15080 from a family of slaves. He had a younger sister named Angela.

As early as 4, Rem was found to be having the extraordinary mind, a very attentive memory, and advanced thinking. Serving a family of doctors, Rem’s mental gift was tested — his mind was 10 years advanced.

Rem was fond of detective works, crime solving to be exact. He was also a math genius, who can calculate speed, distance, and volume without a pen and a piece of paper. He was also fond of computer coding. During his free time, he was holding a rope inventing knots.

Knowing the fact that Rem was a genius, the doctors, who his parents work for gave him a scholarship. He was able to accelerate multiple times gaining recognition from his school and even the state. He used to leave his classmates behind thus achieving a college degree at 11 finishing Physics course as the valedictorian of his class.

However, three days after his graduation, Rem went missing.